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Sarah Baicker Answers Your Ray Emery Questions

…Couldn’t have said it better myself.


FLYERS: Dreger Reporting Interest in Ray Emery

…3) At least three NHL teams have expressed interest in goaltender Ray Emery.
Sources have confirmed both the Anaheim Ducks and Philadelphia Flyers are in the mix as two of the three teams, however neither team is at a point where they’re prepared to make an offer to sign the unrestricted free agent. Although, the expectation is teams will make their move on Emery within the next 48 hours.


– Darren Dreger, The Dreger Report on TSN

…What? Why? Ray Emery was solid in Philly when he was healthy – there’s absolutely no doubting that fact. Still, the team has moved forward with first the combination of Michael Leighton and Brian Boucher, and now the combo of Boosh and Sergei Bobrovsky. I’m hoping this is far from true, but if it is factual – and there’s no reason when it comes from a credible source like Dreger to believe it’s not – then I hope Anaheim beats them to the punch. Please.


FLYERS: Ray Emery is Coming Back


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: S-A-N-J-O-S-E. Maybe a team that’s out of it will take a shot (Ottawa reunion perhaps?), but I really feel like the Sharks are calling Emery’s name. With that being said, any team that signs him knows their taking a risk health-wise, because there always lingers the possibility that he’ll never be the same goaltender he once was.


FLYERS: LeBrun’s Weekend Wrap


…Despite the fact that his signing essentially played out to nothing, I am really cheering hard for Ray Emery to make a return to the NHL. He played well last season before injuries ruined his year, and he deserves another shot. I just can’t believe it had to come to Eric Lindros being the one to pepper him on the ice and get him back into playing shape. I don’t think the Flyers will take a shot on him, but wouldn’t be shocked to see a team like San Jose possibly bring him in and put him on their AHL roster. When healthy, he has shown he can be great, after all.


FLYERS: Player Report Card – Ray Emery

NAME: Ray Emery

POSITION: Goaltender

Regular Season Statistics: 29 Games Started – 16 Wins, 11 Losses, 1 Overtime Loss. 2.64 GAA, .905 SV% with 3 Shutouts

Analysis: Burdened with the pressure of finally being “the guy” in between the pipes in Philadelphia, Emery played relatively well until a series of injuries severely slowed down his season, ultimately rendering him useless and a regular on the Injured Reserve. However, during his healthy moments, Emery wasn’t all that bad. He ranked among the league leaders statistically before he went down with an injury, and even began his Flyers career in a positive fashion: blanking the Hurricanes 2-0 in the season opener this past October in Raleigh. Emery would then proceed to win his next two games in route to a 3-0-0 start for the Flyers before he began to show signs of being merely a mortal. Then, he began to show signs that he was merely average. The injuries followed, and the frustration settled in. From a little before the beginning of 2010 on, Ray Emery was nothing but a distant thought in Flyerdom.



Reasoning: Perhaps the saddest part about all this? Ray Emery will never see his report card become complete. His injuries did him in, and he’s been ushered out with a concern over his ability to stay healthy and replaced by a journeyman minor-leaguer who caught lightning in a bottle at the right time, and a 33 year old career back-up. He won’t be competing in the National Hockey League this season, and it is a shame that’s the case. Instead, Emery likely won’t be playing hockey at all, trying to recover from what has been said to be a career-threatening hip injury for the duration of this upcoming year. It’s a tough break for a guy that seemed to be pushing all the right buttons upon his return to the NHL. However, let’s not forget that Emery put himself in this precarious position: a Russian hockey league cast-off who had lost the respect of his peers and had grown synonymous with the “hot-head” label. Still, there was reason to be optimistic that Emery could turn it around here. It didn’t happen, and we’ve moved on. Razor will need to do the same when (if) he gets his next opportunity to play professional hockey.


FLYERS: It’s All About Lappy

This past off-season, much was made of the Flyers acquisitions of Ray Emery and Chris Pronger. Emery, who had spent last season exiled in the KHL, was supposed to be the franchise cornerstone goaltender the Flyers had long sought after. Pronger, who was the centerpiece of the summer’s blockbuster trade, was brought in to bring leadership and add one of the league’s best defensemen to the Flyers’ blue-line. Since the season began, Pronger’s been the Flyers best defenseman all season long, while Emery has battled injuries and is set to spend the remainder of this season on the Injured Reserve.

Holmgren and Laperriere were all smiles in July during Lappy's presser

However, while all the hoop-lah surrounded Pronger and Emery this off-season, there was one free-agent signing that drew minimal interest from the media, but has proved large for the Flyers down the stretch in the 2009-2010 season. Ian Laperriere, who signed a 3 year, 3.5 million dollar contract this summer, has been worth every penny and more for the Flyers throughout the course of this season. He’s supplied the Orange and Black with a consistent penalty-killer, who is a shot blocking fiend. He’s also supplied this team with at least one example of the heart, determination, and passion that an effective hockey player should display game in and game out.

Lappy is everything that Flyers fans have come to love in their players

While the Flyers have struggled to string consistent efforts of passion and hard work together all season, it hasn’t been for a lack of effort from Lappy. Laperriere hasn’t lit up the scoreboard this season, tallying 3 goals and 17 assists, but he wasn’t necessarily expected to be an offensive threat for the Orange and Black. Instead, it’s been the smaller things that Lappy has been so proficient in. He’s been a wizard when it comes to blocking shots, and really is an absolute pleasure to watch on the penalty kill. When #14 in a Flyers uniform is out there on the penalty kill, there is an odd sense of calmness that envelops Flyers fans. It’s not that it’s a guarantee no-goal, but there’s a strong chance that Lappy will play a key role in blocking many players’ shots from the point.

It’s about heart, it’s about desire, and it’s about the will to win. Most of all, It’s All About Lappy. Hopefully the Flyers can follow the 36 year old’s lead this weekend and lock up a berth in the playoffs.


FLYERS: Team Comes to Terms with Garon

After another awful display of goaltending by a player in a Flyers uniform, General Manager Paul Holmgren announced last night that the Flyers had come to terms with Sebastien Caron, currently playing in the Swiss Elite League. Caron has previously played for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks, and Anaheim Ducks.

Where it stops, nobody knows...

Caron would be another addition to a goaltending carousel that has become the laughing-stock of the league as the Flyers have rotated Ray Emery, Michael Leighton, Brian Boucher, Johan Backlund, Jeremy Duchesne, and now Caron – if the goaltender clears waivers at noon EST. It’s not necessarily set in stone that Caron will clear waivers, either.

There are a lot of teams jockeying for position with the Flyers in the playoff hunt and if it’s compliant with their current Cap state, look for a team to claim him off waivers. If he does clear, he’ll be available for the Flyers tonight as they take on the Montreal Canadiens at the Wachovia Center. I don’t think he will start tonight, but it’s safe to say he’ll be the starter for a game in the near future – the Flyers wouldn’t bring him all the way back from Switzerland to have him sit on the bench.


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