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EAGLES: List of Draft Visits and Workouts

Check out Sheil Kapadia of’s organized list of every player that visited and worked out with the Eagles this offseason:

List of reported Eagles draft visits, workouts


EAGLES: Vick franchised; What Does it Mean for Kolb?

To no surprise, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported today that the Eagles will franchise tag quarterback Michael Vick. Coming off a Pro-Bowl and MVP-caliber season, there’s no question that Vick is the right guy for the future of this team. Even though he slumped down the stretch, he brought the Eagles to another level and made them a serious contender in 2010.

The real news about the Eagles decision to franchise Vick is not only important to No. 7, but also to Kevin Kolb.

With Michael Vick being named the definitive started, the Eagles announced that they will entertain offers for Kolb. Considering the NFL lacks any significant depth at the quarterback position, Kolb could be a hot commodity for trade offers after the collective bargaining agreement is settled.

If the Eagles get a good enough offer, Kolb could be relocating next season

To many teams, it’s not only Kolb’s experience as a starter that is desirable, but also his contract.  He is signed through 2011 for $1.4 million, which would have many owners jumping to get the Eagles backup. Deservedly so, Kolb has been quite outspoken about being a starting quarterback in the NFL.

The biggest question facing the Eagles and Kevin Kolb is this: just how much can they get for No. 4? He has more experience than most backups in the NFL which makes him a viable option for teams looking for a starter. Even though he didn’t have the most impressive 2010 season, he still showed enough promise to be given a chance.

The following teams are in desperate need of a starting quarterback (or in my opinion, places that Kolb deserves to start)

Carolina Panthers- Jimmy Clausen, enough said.

Minnesota Vikings- Favre is done (I hope at least) and the organization clearly has no faith in Tavarius Jackson.

Arizona Cardinals- Matt Leinart is working his way towards one of the big-time draft busts in NFL quarterbacking history.

Washington Redskins- Seeing as they get rid of McNabb, which after this season seems likely

San Francisco 49ers- Depends on what they want to do with Alex Smith/ Troy Smith/David Carr combo under new head coach Jim Harbaugh

Miami Dolphins- Chad Henne- 15 touchdowns and 19 interceptions- doesn’t cut it in the NFL

Tennessee Titans- Although the front office chose Jeff Fisher over Vince Young; also depends if any team will trade for him instead of them releasing Young

If the Eagles can get a first round draft pick from any of these teams, then I think it is a done deal for the Philadelphia front office. The draft class is pretty solid, so I’m sure the Eagles would like something to happen before April 28th (once again it depends on the collective bargaining agreement).

If they don’t get a first round draft pick, I don’t think the Eagles give up on Kolb. Seeing as Michael Vick tends to put himself in dangerous situations, Kolb could come into games if Vick goes down and not be a liability like most backups in the NFL. He knows the playbook and is comfortable with the players and coaching staff. However, if the offer presents itself, Kevin Kolb may get his wish as starting in another city sometime soon.


EAGLES: The End of the Donovan McNabb Era

At the age of 34 McNabb's is at a new point in his career

What seemed like the inevitable in the last couple of weeks has finally come full circle. After 11 seasons as the captain of the Philadelphia Eagles, Donovan McNabb was traded on Easter Sunday. The greatest quarterback in the history of the Eagles franchise, the man who set new records in the five main quarterback categories and led the Eagles to the most successful decade in franchise history, is headed to the Washington Redskins for the 37th overall draft pick in the April draft and a third or fourth round draft pick next season.

The truth of the matter is that everyone saw a trade coming, but the Eagles front office never seizes to amaze fans with what they have up their sleeves. The frontrunners in the last few weeks or months seemed to be the Oakland Raiders, Minnesota Vikings, St. Louis Rams, and Buffalo Bills. Never were the divisional rivals Washington Redskins mentioned in any trade rumors, which goes to show how badly the Eagles were trying to dish out the veteran before the upcoming season. Call it whatever you want, but the front office seemed desperate to get rid of McNabb and in the end helped bandage the open wound with the Redskins quarterback situation. Now Washington has one of the most successful coaches in recent history in Mike Shanahan and one of the best quarterbacks in the last decade in McNabb.

Phil Sheridan from Inquirer makes a creative point in his latest column about Number 5:

Fans and media who have been pushing for the Eagles to make a change of this magnitude like to cite Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. It is safe to say Einstein would have a very different word to describe giving an elite head coach in your own division the elite quarterback he needs to beat you twice a year. And that word is not genius.”

The main concern that I have with the shipping of McNabb is the lack of leadership in the Eagles locker room. Before last season it was Brian Dawkins who was let go by the Eagles. Already before the draft the Eagles have let go of veteran and Pro-Bowl caliber running back Brian Westbrook and cornerback Sheldon Brown. As scary as it sounds, the longest tenured Eagle remaining on the roster is safety Quintin Mikell.

Dawkins recently added his two cents to yesterday’s trade. If anyone knows what it’s like to be abandoned by the team that you helped build, it is Dawkins. He said plain and simply, “When you have a guy that’s playing at a level he’s still playing at, to me, you don’t get rid of the guy.” The Eagles learned that the hard way when Dawkins made the Pro-Bowl in his first season with the Broncos and the Eagles secondary deteriorated as the season progressed.

The future is now in Kevin Kolb

When asked about the extremely young lineup, Reid mentioned that DeSean Jackson and Brent Celek are ready to step up as leaders (both have not been in the league for more than two seasons). Then in a bold statement, Reid said, “Kevin becomes one of them. One of the things I’ve mentioned [is that] I think he’s a good leader.” Remember that Kolb has started two games in three seasons. Is he actually ready to take the leadership role and take the blunt of the media and Philadelphia sports fans?

The end of the McNabb era brings into light the beginning of the Kevin Kolb era. Barring any injuries, the mentor and the student will meet up twice in the 2010 season. This similar type of situation was seen last season when Brett Favre matched up with Aaron Rodgers twice during the regular season. In both cases Rogers played well, but Favre prevailed against his former team.

I am over the fact that McNabb has been traded, but it still gets under my skin that the Eagles traded him to the Redskins. As ESPN’s John Clayton notes, “The McNabb trade should make the Redskins and Cowboys the early favorites to win the NFC East, and put the Eagles, who have moved 10 players this offseason, into just a wild-card possibility at best.” Scary, but it is true.

Even though Joe Banner and Jeffrey Lurie claim they are not rebuilding the franchise, it’s tough to argue that the moves made in the last few months will potentially dictate the future success of the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have eight of the first 50 draft picks in 2010 so they will only get younger. There’s nothing we can do now except sit back and watch as the Kevin Kolb era unfolds before our eyes. And now all of those McNabb haters really have a reason to root against him in 2010.


EAGLES: Is Donovan McNabb in the future plans?

Let me preface this post by saying that I have stood by Donovan McNabb during his career and particularly this entire season—Dallas game or no Dallas game. He had one of his best years as an Eagle in his 11-year tenure with the organization. The City of Brotherly Love is not showing anymore love for Number 5.

It is true that the Eagles have not won a Superbowl with McNabb under center. It is also true that he has had some of his worst games in some of the most important games. However, it is also true that the Eagles have been one of the only four teams in the NFL to win over 100 games this past decade. Every season Donovan McNabb was the quarterback. Not to mention Philadelphia reached the playoffs eight times in the last decade, all of which under McNabb.

Is Donovan's run in Philadelphia over?

I am just as upset as every other Eagles fan after the last two losses. I saw promise and a dangerous core of Eagles players that could have made a spectacular run in the playoffs. It was all shattered in two games, which is the main thing that Eagles fans forget. If you were to talk to any Eagles fan prior to the Dallas Cowboys game, this conversation of Donovan McNabb’s future was hardly a topic on their minds. The Eagles were amidst a six-game winning streak and had an opportunity at clinching a first-round bye, but it was all thrown away in back-to-back choke jobs against the rivaled Cowboys.

This is the problem with Eagles fans and Philadelphia fans in general. We are spoiled. We expect so much out of our professional athletes that we tend to focus too much on their negative characteristics than their positive ones. Think of it this way: imagine if you were from Detroit? St. Louis? Cleveland? As I alluded to earlier, the Eagles have provided Philadelphia fans with competitive and successful football consistently for over a decade. I know that Donovan has had his fare share of mistakes in the past, but the franchise would not be the same without this man.

I know that people are ready to move on and give Kevin Kolb a shot. Personally, I don’t think that I am. McNabb is only 33 years old and I think he can still be a prominent starting quarterback in the NFL. I am not taking away anything from Kevin Kolb, but I think Eagles fans are not giving McNabb the support he deserves. This is the most talented offense that McNabb has been surrounded by during his career. He had his third highest quarterback rating ever as an Eagle in 2009 (92.9) and completed 60 percent of his passes.

The problem with Donovan McNabb is not just Donovan McNabb. There is a lot more to an offense than the starting quarterback and I think that too many people overlook that aspect of the game. For one, the Eagles offensive line was one of the worst in franchise history. I understand that the quarterback is expected to make the plays, but the amount of time he needs to throw the ball is also a big factor in a quarterback’s success. The offensive line was the biggest problem in both losses to Dallas, so every fan has to take that into consideration when judging McNabb’s performance.

No matter how much I continue to back McNabb, I have a feeling that he will not be starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles next season (don’t worry, Michael Vick won’t either). I know that Andy Reid told the media that McNabb will be back, but he also threw a curveball in 2004 by acquiring Terrell Owens when Eagles fans never saw it coming. Even though Andy has a personal tie to Donovan considering he was his first drafted player, I still think that the fans will run Number Five out of this city.

Can Kevin Kolb handle the pressure of Philadelphia fans?

That being said, the Eagles can get a lot for either Donovan McNabb or Kevin Kolb. In an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer the other day, I read an interesting proposal about trading McNabb to St. Louis. With Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo being a former Eagles assistant coach, he knows what Donovan can bring to the table. St. Louis was the worst team in football this past season and will have the first overall pick, presumably to select Nebraska’s defensive end and Heisman finalist Ndamukong Suh. In what I consider an extreme long shot, if the Eagles were willing to trade McNabb and what will have to be a lot more, they could work out a deal to get the first pick. In turn, the Eagles can help solve the defensive end woes and give Trent Cole some support on the opposite side of the line.

I know it sounds like a long shot, but you never know in the National Football League. Also take into consideration the Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings looking for quarterbacks with Kurt Warner retiring and Brett Favre checking into a nursing home. Whatever ends up happening in the upcoming weeks or months, I just hope that the Eagles don’t forget all that McNabb has done for the franchise. If they decide to trade him, then I hope Eagles fans understand that everything might not just fall into place. Time will tell in what could be one of the biggest decisions in franchise history.

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