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EAGLES: Oh Michael, What Were You Thinking?

Let’s be honest, Michael Vick has not made the best decisions in life.

He paid his price for the dog fighting escapade by serving 18 months in jail. Since then, No. 7 has improved his public image during his rehabilitation process by giving back to the community and becoming an animal rights activist.

I don’t know how I haven’t seen this video until now, but it’s going to make you wonder what Vick (and his public relations rep) were thinking after answering this question: is there anything you would change about your life?

The answer will baffle your mind.


EAGLES: Michael Vick is…Jesus?

In case you didn’t hear it, Michael Vick’s latest media frenzy came the other day on a Washington D.C. radio station. Michael Muhammad, the chairman of the Southeastern Virginia Arts Association, has decided to honor Vick with an award later this month for his success off the field since being released from jail.

In an interview with WAVY-TV, Muhammed said:

“”People talk about the fact that Michael Vick was a convicted felon. Well, so was Jesus Christ, yet he was able to do things above and beyond the naysayers,” Muhammad recently told the station.

Not the right choice of words Mr. Muhammad.

First Vick is given the keys to Dallas, the most rivaled football city to the Eagles. Then he is asked to go onto Oprah, in which he ended up canceling last second. Now he is being compared to Jesus Christ?! Granted he brought all of this on himself with his actions of a few years ago, but can’t the man catch a break?

Here is a lengthier article from the Philadelphia Inquirer about Muhammed’s comments and reaction to the comparison.


EAGLES: ‘Birds Tweeting about the Super Bowl

Here’s a compilation of Eagles tweeting before, during and after the Super Bowl. If they really mean what they say, then they should have enough motivation to be there next season.

MikeVick Mike Vick

That game just motivated me to work a lot harder this off season

BrentCelek Brent Celek

Man I am so jealous of these guys

jmac_18 Jeremy Maclin

Jealousy should never be apart of a real man….lol! Just motivation! RT @BrentCelek: Man I am so jealous of these guys

Jamar51Chaney Jamar Chaney

What a day it would be if they were to win tonight.

Jamar51Chaney Jamar Chaney

Mann watching all this pre-game stuff leading up to the SuperBowl, is motivating me even more. I got to get there, Im gone get there!

Jamar51Chaney Jamar Chaney

RT @MikeVick That game just motivated me to work a lot harder this off season > same w/ me big bruh. Let’s Get It.

toddherremans Todd Herremans

Watchin this game is makin me sooooooo bitter but I gotta root for the Pack. #NFC

JonDorenbos Jon Dorenbos

“Wow. We were 1 play away from beating the Packers in the playoffs. Congrats to Aaron Rogers and the Packers. Next year boys!”

BGraham54 Brandon Graham

“Next year I’m trying to have a parade in Philly after winning the Superbowl!! I’m hating right now!!”


EAGLES: Vick franchised; What Does it Mean for Kolb?

To no surprise, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported today that the Eagles will franchise tag quarterback Michael Vick. Coming off a Pro-Bowl and MVP-caliber season, there’s no question that Vick is the right guy for the future of this team. Even though he slumped down the stretch, he brought the Eagles to another level and made them a serious contender in 2010.

The real news about the Eagles decision to franchise Vick is not only important to No. 7, but also to Kevin Kolb.

With Michael Vick being named the definitive started, the Eagles announced that they will entertain offers for Kolb. Considering the NFL lacks any significant depth at the quarterback position, Kolb could be a hot commodity for trade offers after the collective bargaining agreement is settled.

If the Eagles get a good enough offer, Kolb could be relocating next season

To many teams, it’s not only Kolb’s experience as a starter that is desirable, but also his contract.  He is signed through 2011 for $1.4 million, which would have many owners jumping to get the Eagles backup. Deservedly so, Kolb has been quite outspoken about being a starting quarterback in the NFL.

The biggest question facing the Eagles and Kevin Kolb is this: just how much can they get for No. 4? He has more experience than most backups in the NFL which makes him a viable option for teams looking for a starter. Even though he didn’t have the most impressive 2010 season, he still showed enough promise to be given a chance.

The following teams are in desperate need of a starting quarterback (or in my opinion, places that Kolb deserves to start)

Carolina Panthers- Jimmy Clausen, enough said.

Minnesota Vikings- Favre is done (I hope at least) and the organization clearly has no faith in Tavarius Jackson.

Arizona Cardinals- Matt Leinart is working his way towards one of the big-time draft busts in NFL quarterbacking history.

Washington Redskins- Seeing as they get rid of McNabb, which after this season seems likely

San Francisco 49ers- Depends on what they want to do with Alex Smith/ Troy Smith/David Carr combo under new head coach Jim Harbaugh

Miami Dolphins- Chad Henne- 15 touchdowns and 19 interceptions- doesn’t cut it in the NFL

Tennessee Titans- Although the front office chose Jeff Fisher over Vince Young; also depends if any team will trade for him instead of them releasing Young

If the Eagles can get a first round draft pick from any of these teams, then I think it is a done deal for the Philadelphia front office. The draft class is pretty solid, so I’m sure the Eagles would like something to happen before April 28th (once again it depends on the collective bargaining agreement).

If they don’t get a first round draft pick, I don’t think the Eagles give up on Kolb. Seeing as Michael Vick tends to put himself in dangerous situations, Kolb could come into games if Vick goes down and not be a liability like most backups in the NFL. He knows the playbook and is comfortable with the players and coaching staff. However, if the offer presents itself, Kevin Kolb may get his wish as starting in another city sometime soon.


EAGLES: Michael Vick Living Large in Hawaii

Thanks to the NFL, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is quickly forgetting about the last throw he made against the Green Bay Packers.

Vick, who was one of the leagues most outstanding players in 2010, was surprised with a luxury room in the presidential suite in the official hotel of the Pro Bowl. The room spans 4,200 feet in west Oahu, and it’s all for Michael.

Think back to two years ago, Michael Vick was enjoying the stench of smelly criminals and the defiant hint of iron from his jail cell. Now he is getting all-star treatment, better than all of the other all-stars. Not all 86 players in Hawaii are getting this sort of treatment, but rather a select few. It was Vick’s lucky day.

Philadelphia Inquirer’s Ashley Fox writes, “Think about it. Six months ago, few people expected anything from Vick. He was a gimmick, the Wildcat, a novelty. He wasn’t the Eagles’ starting quarterback. Vick wasn’t supposed to be a major contributor. He certainly wasn’t supposed to be a Pro Bowl starter.”

While everyone in Philadelphia is getting snowed in, Vick is on the beach. I doubt he is complaining much right now, while us Eagles fans wonder what the weather is like in Arlington, Texas. Once again we will have to wait another year until our Eagles are “too good” to be in attendance at the Pro Bowl.

EAGLES: Missanelli Slips Up on Vick Interview

If he could do it over, 97.5 The Fanatic’s Mike Missanelli probably would have chosen a different analogy when speaking with Michael Vick. In an interview with the Eagles quarterback, Missanelli described Vick’s connection with DeSean Jackson on the field when he said:

“What’s the story with DeSean?  Is he just a young pup who talks out of turn every now and then and you’re a wiley veteran now and have to hit the pup on the nose or what?”

Who knows exactly what Mikey Miss meant by the comment, but I have reason to believe it was a slip up by the radio host. Listen to the entire interview with Vick here.



EAGLES: What Did Vick Accomplish that McNabb Didn’t?

Last spring, the Eagles decided to part ways with franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb. The reasons were simple: the Eagles were young and McNabb was turning 34 years old. It was time to give three-year backup Kevin Kolb his chance to shine and transform the Eagles franchise.

Under the surface, however, McNabb was driven out of Philadelphia by the fans and the front office. Even though he compiled a 92-49-1 record as an Eagle, is the franchise leader in wins, pass completions, passing yards and passing touchdowns, led the team to five NFC Championships and a Superbowl, his inability to get the franchise a Super Bowl ring ended up being his biggest demise in the City of Brotherly Love. It all started when he reportedly threw up in the huddle against the Patriots in Superbowl XXXIX and spiraled downward whenever No. 5 came up short in the following years.

In 2010, the Eagles season took an unexpected turn when Kevin Kolb suffered a concussion from a Clay Matthews hit. Michael Vick, one of the most exciting players in NFL history, took over as the Eagles captain. His ability to change games with his arm and legs took the Eagles season from a rebuilding process to contenders in the playoffs. Even though he is not the most conventional quarterback, there was an excitement that Vick embodied that brought confidence to the city. Was this the year the Eagles finally got over the hump?

I think we all know how that one ended.

What seperates Vick in 2010 from McNabb?

What is it about Michael Vick that makes him that must more trustworthy than Donovan McNabb once was in Philadelphia? The Eagles went 10-6 under Vick in 2010, whereas McNabb guided the ‘Birds to a better record in six of his 11 seasons in Philadelphia. Granted Vick was only the starter for 12 weeks, but two of those 10 wins came under Kevin Kolb’s lead.

If we are truly going to compare what Michael Vick did in 2010 versus what McNabb did in his career as the starter, then we simply cannot look at statistics. Because in the end Philadelphia, isn’t it all about winning? Isn’t getting the hardware what truly defines who is better?

Both Vick and McNabb have anchored high-powered offenses. Michael Vick did it with DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and LeSean McCoy. McNabb still was able to do it with Terrell Owens, Todd Pinkston and Brian Westbrook. Oh yeah, don’t forget about Freddie Mitchell. Both have made multiple Pro-Bowls. However there still is no Lombardi Trophy in Philadelphia.

Yes there is a bright future for Michael Vick and certainly a great opportunity to win it all with him at the helm, but does what he did in 2010 garner more appreciation than what McNabb did in his career? The main question I propose to Eagles fans is this: what did Michael Vick accomplish this season that deserves more recognition than what Donovan McNabb did in his career?

The answer to this may be that McNabb was unable to do it year after year. He was the starting quarterback for over a decade, yet never seemed to come through when it truly mattered. Don’t take into account that he was throwing to Todd Pinkston for five years, James Thrash for three years, Reggie Brown for five years and Terrell Owens, his best receiver, for only two years. McNabb was always the easy one to hold responsible.

Michael Vick was far from impressive in the Eagles playoff game. He completed just 55 percent of his passes and posted his second straight sub-80 passer rating. On the final drive of the season, Vick gave hope to Philadelphia when he drove down the field with under a minute to play. Then, with under 30 seconds to play, Michael Vick came up short under pressure. Isn’t that the reason Philadelphia fans were ready to end the Donovan McNabb era Philadelphia?

There is a certain likeability that many Eagles fans find in Michael Vick. Based on his past actions, the irony is quite comical. Maybe it’s the fact that he has rebounded so well after those life changing events. Maybe it’s that he is more intense in the huddle than McNabb. Whatever it is, the likeability has consumed this city.

If anything, this comparison goes to show that a quarterback cannot be the only one responsible in a loss. Both quarterbacks were capable to lead their teams to the Superbowl, but the nature of the sport tends to point all fingers at them. The main difference in this situation? All fingers are not pointing at Vick. They are pointing to Andy Reid or the defense. Why? Because Donovan McNabb is no longer in town to blame.

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