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EAGLES: Chad Hall Making Ends Meet During Lockout

While the lockout continues to transpire, many NFL athletes that aren’t named Michael Vick or DeSean Jackson are struggling to make ends meet financially. ESPN’s Rick Reilly gave a unique look into the majority of players that aren’t financially set through massive contracts.

Relating specifically to the Philadelphia Eagles, Reilly highlights wide receiver/specialist Chad Hall. The 24-year-old received minimum salary last season after playing in 11 games. If there is no NFL season in 2011, he plans to open a wings restaurant in Atlanta with his sister’s boyfriend, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

To read the complete article, click:


EAGLES: ESPN Analyzes Eagles Draft Options


EAGLES: Vick and Kolb

Just wanted to post a story I read earlier today on ESPN by Elizabeth Merrill. It addresses the Michael Vick vs. Kevin Kolb debate on a completely different angle that I think every Eagles fan should read and understand. It’s important to realize that these two are not enemies on and off the field like the media likes to try and create, but rather close friends that want to help each other and watch each other succeed.

Michael Vick, Kevin Kolb find Harmony


EAGLES: Rachel Nichols Calls Out Philadelphia

Even though I read this article last week, it has been lingering on my mind for a couple of days. It was also exciting to have Eagles news unrelated to Michael Vick. In case you didn’t see it, ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols did a video special on the Lebron James saga. Don’t worry this is not going to be a blog post about Lebron James. I don’t think I have the energy or will power to get into that discussion anymore.

Instead this is about a reference, more like an implication, made by Nichols about the City of Philadelphia. When discussing how Cleveland is likely to turn on Lebron James after his decision to go to the Heat, there was a quick cut to a picture of McNabb, attempting to connect Cleveland and how Philadelphia turned on McNabb at the tail end of his career. It was a quick cut, about two seconds long of a still picture of McNabb throwing a football while Nichols takes a jab at Philadelphia fans.

It was completely out of line to compare the two events, especially because McNabb and Philadelphia fans have played absolutely no role in the Lebron scandal. I’m sick and tired of Philadelphia being stereotyped as out of control and heartless fans. I don’t know if it was the editor or Nichols’ idea, but it just made no sense to incorporate in a story about basketball.

If there is one person that is an advocate for McNabb, it’s me. And to have Nichols say that the entire city turned against McNabb is completely false. It would be impossible to find anyone in the city that would discount McNabb for the work he did in Philadelphia over his career. Without him, the Eagles wouldn’t have been nearly as successful in the last decade. The combination of Andy Reid wanting to go younger and McNabb failing to pull through in the clutch eventually led to his demise, not the entire city turning their back on him.

As someone that wants to eventually be a part of the sports journalism industry, I am baffled by Nichols’ actions by publishing this piece. It’s fine to make conclusions about how Cleveland is going to turn their back on James, but there’s no reason to bring in Philadelphia. We already get enough bad press for our “intolerable and immature fans” and there’s no need to add to that with an unrelated story.

I was hoping to find the video to show on the blog, but it seems that ESPN has removed it from their content. Maybe I’m not the only one that feels this way.


PHILLIES: Tazing, Moyer’s Masterpiece, RIP Robin Roberts..


In the 10-month history of the The Philly Phour, we’ve touched on a variety of topics and concept besides sports. Facial Hair, Bad Genetics, New Years Resolutions, Religion, this list goes on..

However, we now have another one to talk about.


Over the past week, there has been an absolute media firestorm over an incident at Citizens’ Bank Park on Monday that ended up with a 17 year-old kid being tasered by a ballpark cop in front of 45,000 fans after streaking (running, but with clothes on) across the field. As of 7:00 PM the night after, it was the top searched story on both Yahoo and Google, and was one of the top read stories of the day on both ESPN and CNNSI websites.

Well, I can’t say I saw this one coming. But when it comes to the city of Philadelphia, I guess anything is possible.

The real issue here is..WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?

How can people take issue with a cop using proper force to restrain a fan that is crazy enough to run onto the field during a game? While it turns out that this 17 year old kid was virtually harmless, the cop has no way of knowing if the kid is drunk enough, stoned enough, or crazy enough to make do something more stupid than running on the field during a professional baseball game. Who knows, that kid could have had a bomb attached to his chest, and if that were the case, the cop would have been viewed as a hero for saving the lives of innocent fans, not have his job on the line like he does now. The point is, the cop had no way of knowing what the kid was capable of, which is why he had to treat that specific case as serious as any other, regardless of his age or demeanor.

Besides, what’s the difference between tasing someone, and tackling a kid to the ground and dragging him off the field by physically assaulting him in the process?

I think I’d personally rather get tazed.


We all knew Jamie Moyer was old, but his age was put into perspective on Friday night. With his two-hit, complete game shutout against the Atlanta Braves, the 47-year old southpaw became the oldest pitcher in baseball to pitch a nine-inning scoreless game in major league baseball history.

How does he still do it?

What a job by Moyer. This masterpiece was put together the same guy who was sent to the bullpen for the playoff run last year and was battling for the last spot in the starting rotation this spring training. For me personally, my respect for Moyer runs deep because he is a homegrown Philadelphia product (Souderton High School Product), who has pitched in four decades without overpowering stuff and by mastering the art of pitching, something that players with incredible pitching tools (countless examples) still cannot not do. It’s crazy to think that his first CG shutout was in 1986 with the Chicago Cubs, two and half years before this Philly Phour writer was born, just shy of 24 years prior to his gem Friday night.

In the future, Moyer will make a tremendous big league pitching coach. Maybe even a big league manager. But for the time being, a guy who at his age should be relegated to a couch or at best bench or bullpen coach duty is now second on the team in wins (4), and has played a huge role in keeping the Phillies afloat without two regulars in the starting rotation (J.A Happ and Joe Blanton) for the better part of the last month.

And to think a groin injury almost forced the ageless wonder to retire at the end of last season..


RIP Robin Roberts

Sad to hear about the passing of one of the “Whiz Kids”. One of the most recognizable figures in the history of the Philadelphia Phillies. As much as I would like to write about this, being 21 years old, I don’t think I would do the legend justice but just analyzing some of his career statistics. I’m going to leave you with some words from Phillies Columnist Paul Hagen, who summed up the legacy of the 2nd winningest pitcher in Phillies history (behind Steve Carlton) perfectly in an article published a day after his death.


FLYERS: NHL Investigating Pronger Deal

According to Scott Burnside of, the Philadelphia Flyers are currently under investigation from the National Hockey League concerning the

Did Holmgren and Pronger try to manipulate the NHL's CBA?

Did Holmgren and Pronger try to manipulate the NHL's CBA?

long-term contract that Defenseman Chris Pronger signed earlier this month.  If the Flyers are found to have circumvented the NHL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Orange and Black will find themselves in trouble for future seasons.  Punishment from the NHL in situations like this consists of anything from fines or even loss of future draft picks.  Also involved in the probe is the deal that Forward Marian Hossa signed on July 1st with the Chicago Blackhawks, which was 12 years in length.

More on this story as it develops, but check out Burnside’s article here.


PHILLIES: Halladay Discussions “Heating Up”

So, I was at Hershey Park yesterday, enjoying a four-hour flashback to my childhood, where a buddy of mine who I was with received a phone call saying that it was “inevitable” that the Phillies were going to acquire Roy Halladay from the Blue Jays. 


Destined for Philly?

Destined for Philly?

Coming home hours later and immediately jumping into the internet, it was easy to see how the rush to that conclusion was made. The headline on was the exact title of this post, and for good reason. The Blue Jays made a formal offer to the Phillies, a trade that would send Halladay to the Phils for J.A Happ, top pitching prospect Kyle Drabek, and the top overall prospect in the organization, outfielder Dominic Brown.

The consensus is that the Phillies denied that first offer, which likely seems to be the case because a deal is not done yet.  That doesn’t mean that they aren’t discussing a very similar counter-offer, but the overall opinion around baseball circles is that when Toronto made that offer, the Phillies branch thought they would be giving up too much, and declined.

So since the Phillies “denied” the initial offer, does that mean that this trade for Roy Halladay won’t happen?


Well, that depends who you ask.

Jon Heyman, a writer from Sports Illustrated who has been following this situation from the time the rumors started spreading about three months ago, believes it will.  Heyman believes that the Phillies will only include one of  J.A Happ or Kyle Drabek instead of both (something that has been rumored for some time now), but that Blue Jays GM J.P Richardi will ultimately pull the trigger on a deal because he realizes that the Phillies give the Blue Jays the best shot to get ultimate value in return for Halladay. That’s why he says that a trade that was once viewed as “50/50” now has a good shot of getting pulled off.

However, Jayson Stark of ESPN, who reported that the Blue Jays want to much in return for Halladay, believes that the Phillies and Blue Jays are much further away from a deal than some think. Stark reported Saturday that while the Phillies and Blue Jays have narrowed it down to seven or eight names of guys who may be included in a potential deal that Halladay, J.P Richardi,  and the Phillies believe that no deal will be done come the July 28th self-imposed trade deadline made by the Blue Jays.

Personally, I am one who thinks like Heyman, and I believe that there is too much involved in this deal to pull the trigger. The Blue Jays want Happ and Drabek, they’ve said that from the start. The Phillies do not want to give up both Happ and Drabek, they’ve also said that from the start.

Something has got to give, right?

Stay tuned..

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