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EAGLES: What Did Vick Accomplish that McNabb Didn’t?

Last spring, the Eagles decided to part ways with franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb. The reasons were simple: the Eagles were young and McNabb was turning 34 years old. It was time to give three-year backup Kevin Kolb his chance to shine and transform the Eagles franchise.

Under the surface, however, McNabb was driven out of Philadelphia by the fans and the front office. Even though he compiled a 92-49-1 record as an Eagle, is the franchise leader in wins, pass completions, passing yards and passing touchdowns, led the team to five NFC Championships and a Superbowl, his inability to get the franchise a Super Bowl ring ended up being his biggest demise in the City of Brotherly Love. It all started when he reportedly threw up in the huddle against the Patriots in Superbowl XXXIX and spiraled downward whenever No. 5 came up short in the following years.

In 2010, the Eagles season took an unexpected turn when Kevin Kolb suffered a concussion from a Clay Matthews hit. Michael Vick, one of the most exciting players in NFL history, took over as the Eagles captain. His ability to change games with his arm and legs took the Eagles season from a rebuilding process to contenders in the playoffs. Even though he is not the most conventional quarterback, there was an excitement that Vick embodied that brought confidence to the city. Was this the year the Eagles finally got over the hump?

I think we all know how that one ended.

What seperates Vick in 2010 from McNabb?

What is it about Michael Vick that makes him that must more trustworthy than Donovan McNabb once was in Philadelphia? The Eagles went 10-6 under Vick in 2010, whereas McNabb guided the ‘Birds to a better record in six of his 11 seasons in Philadelphia. Granted Vick was only the starter for 12 weeks, but two of those 10 wins came under Kevin Kolb’s lead.

If we are truly going to compare what Michael Vick did in 2010 versus what McNabb did in his career as the starter, then we simply cannot look at statistics. Because in the end Philadelphia, isn’t it all about winning? Isn’t getting the hardware what truly defines who is better?

Both Vick and McNabb have anchored high-powered offenses. Michael Vick did it with DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and LeSean McCoy. McNabb still was able to do it with Terrell Owens, Todd Pinkston and Brian Westbrook. Oh yeah, don’t forget about Freddie Mitchell. Both have made multiple Pro-Bowls. However there still is no Lombardi Trophy in Philadelphia.

Yes there is a bright future for Michael Vick and certainly a great opportunity to win it all with him at the helm, but does what he did in 2010 garner more appreciation than what McNabb did in his career? The main question I propose to Eagles fans is this: what did Michael Vick accomplish this season that deserves more recognition than what Donovan McNabb did in his career?

The answer to this may be that McNabb was unable to do it year after year. He was the starting quarterback for over a decade, yet never seemed to come through when it truly mattered. Don’t take into account that he was throwing to Todd Pinkston for five years, James Thrash for three years, Reggie Brown for five years and Terrell Owens, his best receiver, for only two years. McNabb was always the easy one to hold responsible.

Michael Vick was far from impressive in the Eagles playoff game. He completed just 55 percent of his passes and posted his second straight sub-80 passer rating. On the final drive of the season, Vick gave hope to Philadelphia when he drove down the field with under a minute to play. Then, with under 30 seconds to play, Michael Vick came up short under pressure. Isn’t that the reason Philadelphia fans were ready to end the Donovan McNabb era Philadelphia?

There is a certain likeability that many Eagles fans find in Michael Vick. Based on his past actions, the irony is quite comical. Maybe it’s the fact that he has rebounded so well after those life changing events. Maybe it’s that he is more intense in the huddle than McNabb. Whatever it is, the likeability has consumed this city.

If anything, this comparison goes to show that a quarterback cannot be the only one responsible in a loss. Both quarterbacks were capable to lead their teams to the Superbowl, but the nature of the sport tends to point all fingers at them. The main difference in this situation? All fingers are not pointing at Vick. They are pointing to Andy Reid or the defense. Why? Because Donovan McNabb is no longer in town to blame.


EAGLES: Westbrook signs with 49ers

Former Eagle great Brian Westbrook has found a home in 2010.

Westbrook spent 8 seasons with the Eagles

When it seemed like Westbrook was going to spend the 2010 season in the weight room, the veteran inked a one-year deal with San Francisco earlier today. The deal includes $1.25 million guaranteed and another 1.25 million in incentives. Prior to the signing, there were rumors that Westbrook was close to signing with the St. Louis Rams, Washington Redskins, and injury-stricken Denver Broncos.

This desperation move came in the wake of Glen Coffee’s abrupt retirement three days ago, telling the 49ers that he doesn’t love football anymore. Coffee was expected to be the lone backup to Frank Gore in San Fran with Anthony Dixon and Michael Robinson following after. With Westbrook in the mix, it gives a veteran presence to a very young running back core. Depending on Westbrook’s health, there’s a chance that he could make an immediate impact in the NFC West and be a great option for quarterback Alex Smith. If anyone watched Smith and the 49ers offense in their first preseason game, there’s no denying how much help they need. If Westbrook can stay concussion/injury free, I expect him to play a major role in the San Fran offense and help share the load with Gore.

I can image that Jeffrey Lurie, Joe Banner, and Andy Reid are wiping the sweat from their foreheads right now. It would have been a nightmare to face both Westbrook and McNabb when the Redskins come to town on October 3rd. I bet the Broncos are also pretty bummed to not ink BWest considering their running back group can’t stay healthy for the life of them.

During his eight years in Philly, Westbrook was a staple of the teams offense and a fan favorite. Even though he dealt with a lot of injuries due to his small size and aggressive style of play, he added an unmatched dynamic to the Eagles offense. He was a two-time Pro Bowler and led the league in yards for scrimmage during the 2007 season when he accumulated 2,104 yards.

For a look at Brian Westbrook’s contribution to the Eagles franchise, check my previous post when the Eagles parted ways with him in February.


EAGLES: Looking back at the Eagles preseason game against Jacksonville

There was a lot to take away from the Eagles first preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Friday night. From the positive to the negative, the Eagles 28-27 win illustrated that the ‘Birds are still far from game-ready.

If the Eagles could work the west coast offense they did on the first drive, this is going to be a fun year to be an Eagles fan. First off, the Eagles scored on four of their first five drives. Quarterback Kevin Kolb looked relaxed in his completions to DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin for big gains over the middle. The drive ended in a field goal, but that was due to a dropped touchdown pass by Brent Celek. DeSean Jackson was wide open on the side of the endzone and was probably a better option, but there’s no excuse for a drop like that in the red zone. Kolb went 6-for-11 for 95 yards on the night and still realizes there’s a lot to work on before the regular season.

Michael Vick on the other hand was full of ups and downs. He had a great vintage-Vick touchdown run, but also tossed an interception and missed a few crucial passes. His best pass of the night came on a 46-yard toss to rookie wide receiver Riley Cooper. I was surprised at the lack of Wildcat play-calling throughout the game. Maybe Andy finally got it through his head that it wasn’t fooling anyone.

Don't let Chad Hall's size fool you

The player of the game was 5-foot-8 wide receiver Chad Hall. Despite competing at the deepest position of the Eagles roster, Hall’s spectacular performance on Friday night may have solidified his spot on the 53-man list; whether that be as a wide receiver or return specialist. The rookie hauled in a 57-yard pass from Mike Kafka over the middle on top of a few large gains from end-arounds. Despite his tiny stature, his speed is unmatched by almost anyone on the roster. And we all know how much Andy Reid loves speed. Even if Reid decides to take four or five receivers, I can’t imagine he will pass up on Hall’s versatility and ability to be a kick/punt returner.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Eagles first team was very strong in the first quarter. They didn’t see much action (6 plays to be exact), which is a positive considering they forced back-to-back three and outs. Because of that, there’s not much to report on rookies Brandon Graham and Nate Allen, who are two of the biggest question marks coming into the regular season.

The secondary saw the most action against the Jaguars. Seventh-round standout Kurt Coleman, who has opened eyes during training camp, was the Eagles most consistent defensive player on Friday night. Similar to Chad Hall, he may have secured a spot on the team with his performance, making a few big hits (most noticeably the hit on Mike Sims-Walker to break up a 4th down attempt) and pass deflections.

Veterans Stewart Bradley, Ernie Sims, Broderick Bunkley, Asante Samuel, and Ellis Hobbs all played very well with the first team offense.

Cornerback Joselio Hanson was beat badly by Troy Williamson in the second half, which led to a 73-yard touchdown pass. Hanson is battling Dimitri Patterson and Trevard Lindley for the second cornerback spot on the depth chart and plays like that are certainly not going to help. Linebacker/defensive end Moises Fokou was called for illegal contact and failed to make up for it the rest of the night.

Safety Kurt Coleman is making strides to be the backup safety

Overall, the most important part of the night was that the Eagles remained injury free (with the exception of Antoine Harris). Both the offense and defense showed a lot of bright spots, but more importantly left a lot of room for improvement. The next preseason game is on Friday, August 20th at Cincinnati.

Updates from Training Camp

-Jason Avant’s brilliant and unnoticed streak of catches may have ended today. Until the morning practice, Avant had not dropped a single pass during training camp and preseason (which according to Marty Mornhineg has been over 100 passes so far). Avant still claims it was a fumble and not a drop pass, jokingly adding, “I caught it and he poked it out. It was a fumble,” he said. The Eagles are lucky to have him as a slot receiver.

-The luck, or lack thereof, continues for running back Mike Bell. After sitting out for the last two weeks with a hamstring injury, Bell left the field this morning with a strained calf muscle. Let’s hope these nagging injuries end fast.

– The Eagles activated left guard Todd Herremans and center Jamaal Jackson from the physically unable to perform list. Herremans has not played with the team since early on during the spring practices and Jackson has been rehabbing a torn ACL that occured against the Broncos on December 26th. Center Nick Cole is expected to return later in the week after sitting out with knee swelling. Considering how well Mike McGlynn played in his debut as a starter against Jacksonville, it should make for a great position battle between Jackson, Cole and McGlynn.

– Harbor continues to practice with the first team. Ingram’s calf is still tender and he remains out of training camp while Harbor inches closer to the second spot

-According to the last reports from, it looks as though former Eagle Brian Westbrook is going to sign with the St. Louis Rams on Monday. Good for B-West.


Why Mike Bell Is A Good Fit For The Eagles

New Orleans Saints running back Mike Bell met with the Philadelphia Eagles today. The Eagles are currently searching for the right running back to replace veteran Brian Westbrook, who was released a couple of weeks ago. Bell is a restricted free agent and was offered the lowest possible contract with the Saints for next season. Since he is restricted, it might be difficult for the Eagles to make a deal because New Orleans has the first option to match or raise any deal set forth by the Eagles organization.

A lot still has to happen before Mike Bell can wear green

Bell is not the tallest running back (about six feet tall), but he is bulky (225 pounds) and plays a grinding style of football. He could be a great compliment to second-year running back LeSean McCoy’s abilities to hit the gap. Bell and Leonard Weaver could handle the short yardage situations and third down plays while McCoy can run free on the first and second downs.

Last season, Bell led the Saint’s running core in carries. He averaged just under 4 yards per carry, compiling 654 yards and five touchdowns on the season. Considering the Saints were a pass-happy offense, Bell was the go-to guy around the goal line for the defending Super Bowl champs. Even though his receiving game was overshadowed by Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas, Bell has been successful in the past catching the football. In 2006 he had 20 receptions for 158 yards, which is close to 8 yards per catch. That same year he rushed for over 675 yards and 8 touchdowns as one of the main running backs for Denver.

Another advantage to Bell’s resume is his age. Next month he will be turning 27, which is considered veteran status in the NFL these days. With Brian Westbrook gone, Bell could act as a leader to both McCoy and Weaver who are both entering their second year in the league. I am not suggesting that Bell is going to come in and do Brian Westbrook-like damage when Westbrook was 27. I am also not saying that he will have as big of an impact off the field as Westbrook. However, I do believe that he would compliment McCoy’s running style and take a load off Weaver’s short-yardage and full back responsibilities.


EAGLES: Here’s to you Brian Westbrook

It’s a day that most Eagles fans were afraid of. It’s a day that does not come at much of a shock, but more of a deeper sadness for the Eagles decision to release one of the all-time franchise greats—Brian Westbrook.

Westbrook is 2nd in franchise history in rushing yards and 3rd in receiving yards

He could shake off defenders and make players miss as well as some of the best ever at his position. With the frame of 5’10’’ on a good day, this little monster played as big as anyone. He was the go to guy in the last couple of seasons and the Eagles were never the same without him on the field.

However, much to the disappointment of the fans and Westbrook himself, he was extremely prone to injury. He played through nagging injuries in almost every season in an Eagles uniform and missed eight games last year after suffering two concussions. Add injuries to a 30-year-old body and a $7.5 million dollar contract and it doesn’t bode well for him to return to the team he started his career with.

No one can deny what Brian Westbrook meant to the franchise since being drafted in 2002 out of Villanova. He accounted for over 30 percent of the Eagles offense in 2006 and 2007 and over 20 percent in 2008. He currently leads all running backs in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns since 2003. Westbrook is also the only active NFL player with 20-or-more touchdowns both rushing and receiving. He single-handedly won games for the Eagles (ex. 2003 punt return against the Giants that sparked his career) and made defensive coordinators game preparation a lot harder. The accolades are endless.

Eagles fans will miss Westbrook's nickname of the "Giant killer"

While it’s practically unanimous that Westbrook will never be the same running back he was in his prime, the loss of this franchise back won’t be easy for the Philadelphia Eagles. In just two seasons the Eagles have gotten rid of their leader on defense (Brian Dawkins) and one of their main leaders on offense and off the field in Westbrook. Coming into his second year, the future rests with LeSean McCoy, who had a pretty mediocre rookie season once he was named the primary back. The young Eagles offense just got exponentially younger.

What’s next for the veteran? According to an interview with 97.5 “The Fanatic” today, Westbrook has no plan for retiring. I don’t see this as any surprise either because there are plenty of teams that can pick up his option and use his talent. It’s unfortunate that the Eagles had to do what’s in their best interest, but it was the right move and they can hopefully continue to be successful come draft day.

Thank you B-West for all that you gave the City of Philadelphia. We wish you the best and hopefully don’t have to face you in the future.


EAGLES: Season Ends with Another Flop to Cowboys

Remember the perverted remix to Jingle Bells about farting that every immature boy once uttered at some point in their life? Well here’s a remix: “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, the Eagles laid an egg.” And so on and so on. Well that’s exactly what happened on Saturday night. The Eagles walked into Cowboy’s stadium for the second consecutive week and laid another egg in 34-14 loss. Same team, same stadium, same result.

The Eagles had no reason to hold their heads high after that loss

There’s really not too much positive to say about this NFC Wildcard matchup. The Cowboys proved to be the better team and the Eagles were unable to repair the wounds that were opened last weekend in Dallas. The Cowboys controlled the ball on offense for 2/3 of the game, doubling the offensive output of the Eagles. All of the statistics coming into the game were quickly thrown out the window—the Eagles undefeated in first round playoff games under Andy Reid and the Cowboys losing six straight playoff games dating back to 1996. None of that mattered on Saturday, but rather it was a matchup of conference foes battling it out among 93,000 fans.

I don’t know if I have ever been more impressed with the Philadelphia Eagles. They beat themselves just as much as they were outplayed by the Cowboys. They finished with over 225 penalty yards in the game, setting a number of postseason records. All season long I have supported the two leaders of this team—Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb. However, their respective performances, or lack thereof, left me baffled last night. They both have done so much for this franchise but continue to buckle under the pressure. Andy Reid was outcoached by Wade Phillips (or Jerry Jones depending on what really goes on in that franchise) and Donovan McNabb was outplayed by a 29-year-old graduate from Eastern Illinois in Tony Romo.

What a perfect way to close out the decade—a highly anticipated team with a lot of momentum going into the playoffs only to let down the City of Brotherly Love. We have all seen it before and we shouldn’t be that surprised.

And now for the last report card of the season and it isn’t pretty.

Quarterbacks- D

Given the circumstances and magnitude of the game, this was the worst performance by Number Five in his 11 years with the team. To put it bluntly, he didn’t complete a pass until midway through the second quarter. I have defended him all season long but there are no words to back his performance. The only excuse was the fact that the offensive line was practically invisible and he was given no time, but he held the ball and was unable to read the defense. A combination of passes in the dirt, missing throws, and throwing across his body seemed to be his biggest problems in the game.

As for Vick, I still can’t take the situation too seriously. Granted it was a great pass and catch to Jeremy Maclin to give the Eagles their first 7 points, his role on the team is still confusing. For all of those Eagles fans that were calling for more action from Vick, get over yourselves because I don’t see him wearing green and white next season. His stint to clear his image was a success and he will be a starting quarterback in the NFL next season. Just like McNabb will be the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Running Backs- C –

Once again, it’s hard to justify a strong running game when the Eagles only run the ball 12 times a game because they are playing catch up. The team averaged over four yards per carry on the night, which is always a positive. However, there needs to be a lot of growth in the running core this offseason because this pass-happy offense is not looking too hot.

As sad as it is to say, it looks like Brian Westbrook’s tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles and potentially in the NFL is over. He sat on the sideline for most of the game and didn’t record a single carry on offense. Ironically enough, he had one reception that led to a 27-yard gain which came on a screen pass. Why didn’t they run the screen pass more often? The questions remain unanswered.

Jackson was far from "stinging they asses" on Saturday

Wide Receivers: D +

I hope that DeSean Jackson learned a big lesson from this game: don’t talk trash unless you are going to back it up. His little Twitter fiasco this past weekend ended up coming back to bite him. He had no receptions in the first half and only three the entire game for 14 yards. Jackson- 0, Mike Jenkins- 1. Both Jackson and Brent Celek combined for only six receptions. As much as it may have been McNabb’s fault for not finding them, there is not much excuse for this lack of production. Jeremy Maclin seemed to be the one who came to play, notching seven receptions for 146 yards and a touchdown. Still the Cowboys secondary continuously shut down the Eagles receivers and left them no room to get anything done on offense.

Offensive Line: F

If there is another positive to take away from this game is that we don’t have to watch the offensive line for another eight months. The revolving door of a line had no answers for the blitzing Cowboy defense. At the end of the game, they allowed four sacks, four tackles for losses, and McNabb was hit a total of nine times in the game. Not to continue to back McNabb, but this would have been a completely different game if he had as much time as Tony Romo. With Sean Andrews gone and Stacy Andrews on another planet, there needs to be some serious moves made to the offensive line in the offseason.

Felix Jones had no problem running all over the Eagles

Defensive Line/Linebackers: D

In the beginning it seemed like Sean McDermott had finally learned to stop big plays and limit the success with half back draws. However, as was the case last weekend, the defense was unable to adjust to Tony Romo’s fakes and game-planning. McDermott blitzed early and often in the beginning of the game, but then backed down and looked scared in the second half. At some points, I noticed that he would fake the blitz, only pressure with three lineman, and back the rest of the blitz off. While this seemed to be a creative way to confuse Romo, the defense ended up getting torched because the offensive line was able to block all day for the quarterback. The passing defense seemed to be pretty effective, but once again the lack of pressure enabled the Cowboys to exploit the running game. Felix Jones averaged over nine yards per rush, single-handedly beating the entire Eagles linebacker core and the secondary for 148 yards. Makes us Eagles fans really wonder what the season would have been like with a healthy Stewart Bradley.

Secondary: D +

For the second straight week, a defense that relies entirely on creating big plays forced no turnovers. They did improve a little bit with tackling, but they still were beat by the speedy Cowboys receivers. The struggled with the yards after catch and played more tentative than they have in the past. As painful as it is to credit Tony Romo, he effectively picked apart the Philadelphia secondary.

Special Teams: C

Not too much to comment on with the special teams. Sav Rocca had five punts, which is more a negative thing because it shows that the offense couldn’t get anything going. Jeremy Maclin returned a majority of the kickoffs after Macho Harris went down with a leg injury and did a mediocre job. Pretty much explains the Eagles special teams the entire season.

So another January football game for the Eagles that ends in heartbreak. Granted Eagles fans had the opportunity to watch their team play in January eight times this past decade, but it still can hurt just as bad as not making it. Luckily for Philadelphia sports fans, there’s more than one winning team in this city. Don’t worry, I wore my Roy Halladay Phillies shirt today.


EAGLES: What the Eagles need to do to beat the Cowboys

Last week was an embarrassment. There’s no beating around the bush on that one. The Eagles had a first round bye in their fingertips and got manhandled by their nemesis. Now the two conference foes match up for the second consecutive week at Cowboys Stadium. And the beauty of the situation is that it’s a new week.

Looking at Saturday’s matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, I don’t even know where to begin. Based on the history of these two franchises, anything could happen. The Eagles could perform (if you want to say that) on the same level they did last weekend and flush their promising season down the drain or they could learn from their mistakes and prove that they can be the best team in the NFC East.

The Cowboys are riding on cloud nine right now. They have won their last three games, two of which against NFC playoff teams. They are fighting to win their first playoff game since 1996 and break the Cowboy curse in the last decade. Dallas swept the Eagles during the regular season, and a win against the Eagles would mark the 13th out of 20 times that a division team completed a sweep in the playoffs.

The Eagles demonstrated their vulnerability at Cowboy stadium last weekend. They were unable to adjust to the defensive schemes, they gave Tony Romo unlimited time in the pocket, and got outplayed in all facets of the game. But there is hope for the Philadelphia Eagles. They have the talent to overcome the road game against the Cowboys, but they are going to need a prime performance to come away with a win. Here is what the Eagles need to do:

Trent Cole is going to need to captain the defensive line on Saturday night

1) In the words of Coach Yoast in Remember the Titans, “We will blitz all night!”

The Eagles were way too conservative against the Cowboys, which left them vulnerable to big plays. The defensive line did a terrible job pressuring Tony Romo and he was able to create 30 yard plays from 10 yard passes. More pressure on the quarterback could also help defend against the quarterback draw that they Cowboys love to pursue.

Considering that the Eagles defense relies solely on the big play, the defense is going to need to force Romo into throwing bad passes. On a number of occasions last weekend, the Eagles were a step away from creating turnovers but that lack of step resulted in some big plays. As cliché as it sounds, turnovers decide games and pressuring the quarterback is going to create more opportunities for the defense.

Dallas will remember the night they played the Eagles.

2) Run the football.

The Eagles only ran the ball a total of 10 times last Sunday. I understand that the Eagles are a pass-happy offense, but McNabb is going to flourish when the offense is balanced. The fact that Weaver and McCoy only combined for two touches last week is a travesty. I would like the Eagles to attempt more screen plays to either Brian Westbrook or LeSean McCoy, preferably McCoy considering that Westbrook has not been the same since his injury. The play-calling seemed very predictable by the offense and I think that a combination of creative run calls and screen plays can take some pressure off of the shoulders of McNabb.

3) Donovan McNabb needs to spread the ball around and be less predictable.

Last weekend, 24 of the 33 pass attempts were to DeSean Jackson, Brent Celek and Jeremy Maclin. As far as receptions, Celek had 7 and Jackson and Maclin both had three receptions. The Cowboys know that Jackson and Maclin are the two prime targets for McNabb and have the ability to create big plays. Brent Celek stepped up last week as the go-to guy and can create mismatches with his speed and versatility when matched up with linebackers. In order to overcome issues with predictability, McNabb needs to look more to Jason Avant. He has made big play after big play each week and deserves a chance to be a part of this offense.

4) Linebackers need to cover the middle of the field

So many times I have complained about the fact that the Eagles cannot guard the opposing tight end. Jason Witten is known as an Eagles killer and the ‘Birds cannot afford to let that reputation flourish on Saturday night. He finished with 76 yards and scored the first touchdown last weekend, but the types of plays that he makes create the problems for Philadelphia. In my opinion, they need to put a man on him the entire game and allow the rest of the linebacker core to cover the middle of the field.

Andy Reid is going to need some tricks up his sleeve against Dallas

5) Win the field position battle.

One of the biggest problems in the last few seasons in Philadelphia has been the lack of special teams play. Between Macho Harris and Jeremy Maclin, the returners always look like a deer in headlights after catching a kickoff. A big play from DeSean Jackson in the punt game certainly would not hurt as well.

These are some of the main things that stuck out in last weekend’s tragedy of a football game. There is no question that Andy Reid is going to prepare for this game, but the big question will be whether or not he can adjust to the curveballs that the Cowboys will throw. Clearly both teams are going to throw some surprises into their play calling, but it’s how they both respond that will decide this football game.

On an ending note, the Eagles are 7-0 under head coach Andy Reid in the first game of a playoff, four of which in the wildcard round. There is no reason they can’t go 8-0.

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