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EAGLES: Cardinals Reportedly Interested in Kolb

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb has been a hot commodity around the NFL trade rumors as of recent. The Eagles backup, who head coach Andy Reid is listening to offers for, could be out of Philadelphia if the ‘Birds can get a first round draft pick.

According to reports from Comcast Sportsnet, the Arizona Cardinals are leading the charge for No. 4. The Cardinals reportedly contacted Reid and expressed interest in giving up a first round pick for the 27-year-old quarterback.

From CSN: According to Peter King of, one team is willing to offer a first-round pick for Kolb. A league source has told CSN’s Derrick Gunn that a number of teams have made significant offers for Kolb. The source wouldn’t confirm or deny whether a first-round pick was offered.”

Other teams that are in need of a quarterback are: Vikings, Redskins, Panthers, 49ers, Seahawks, Cardinals, Bills, Dolphins, Browns, Bengals, Broncos, Raiders, Jaguars, Titans. The problem? Most of these teams, like the Cardinals, have top ten picks that may be worth more than Kolb.

If the reports are true, this could be a heck of an opportunity for the Eagles. Arizona has the fifth overall pick in the draft. I doubt they’re willing to give a pick that high for Kolb, but one can always dream.



EAGLES: Vick franchised; What Does it Mean for Kolb?

To no surprise, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported today that the Eagles will franchise tag quarterback Michael Vick. Coming off a Pro-Bowl and MVP-caliber season, there’s no question that Vick is the right guy for the future of this team. Even though he slumped down the stretch, he brought the Eagles to another level and made them a serious contender in 2010.

The real news about the Eagles decision to franchise Vick is not only important to No. 7, but also to Kevin Kolb.

With Michael Vick being named the definitive started, the Eagles announced that they will entertain offers for Kolb. Considering the NFL lacks any significant depth at the quarterback position, Kolb could be a hot commodity for trade offers after the collective bargaining agreement is settled.

If the Eagles get a good enough offer, Kolb could be relocating next season

To many teams, it’s not only Kolb’s experience as a starter that is desirable, but also his contract.  He is signed through 2011 for $1.4 million, which would have many owners jumping to get the Eagles backup. Deservedly so, Kolb has been quite outspoken about being a starting quarterback in the NFL.

The biggest question facing the Eagles and Kevin Kolb is this: just how much can they get for No. 4? He has more experience than most backups in the NFL which makes him a viable option for teams looking for a starter. Even though he didn’t have the most impressive 2010 season, he still showed enough promise to be given a chance.

The following teams are in desperate need of a starting quarterback (or in my opinion, places that Kolb deserves to start)

Carolina Panthers- Jimmy Clausen, enough said.

Minnesota Vikings- Favre is done (I hope at least) and the organization clearly has no faith in Tavarius Jackson.

Arizona Cardinals- Matt Leinart is working his way towards one of the big-time draft busts in NFL quarterbacking history.

Washington Redskins- Seeing as they get rid of McNabb, which after this season seems likely

San Francisco 49ers- Depends on what they want to do with Alex Smith/ Troy Smith/David Carr combo under new head coach Jim Harbaugh

Miami Dolphins- Chad Henne- 15 touchdowns and 19 interceptions- doesn’t cut it in the NFL

Tennessee Titans- Although the front office chose Jeff Fisher over Vince Young; also depends if any team will trade for him instead of them releasing Young

If the Eagles can get a first round draft pick from any of these teams, then I think it is a done deal for the Philadelphia front office. The draft class is pretty solid, so I’m sure the Eagles would like something to happen before April 28th (once again it depends on the collective bargaining agreement).

If they don’t get a first round draft pick, I don’t think the Eagles give up on Kolb. Seeing as Michael Vick tends to put himself in dangerous situations, Kolb could come into games if Vick goes down and not be a liability like most backups in the NFL. He knows the playbook and is comfortable with the players and coaching staff. However, if the offer presents itself, Kevin Kolb may get his wish as starting in another city sometime soon.


EAGLES: McDermott Fired; A Must Read from Gonzo

With the news of Sean McDermott getting the axe as the Eagles defensive coordinator, the Philadelphia media has had plenty to say about the decision. For the most part, everyone is in agreement over McDermott being let go. The Eagles defense was more than out of character this season.

The Philadelphia native will take his talents to the Carolina Panthers next season

Philadelphia was ranked 21st overall in scoring defense, 14th in passing yards per game, 15th in rushing yards per game, 17th on third down conversions, and one of the worst in the league in red zone defense. Going strictly off of numbers, it’s quite apparent that a change at defensive coordinator was a must. Even though the Eagles faced a number of crucial injuries in Stewart Bradley, Brandon Graham, Nate Allen, Ellis Hobbs, and Asante Samuel for a month, there is no excuse when it comes to red zone and third down defense.

As the student to Jim Johnson, McDermott was expected to mimic the aggressive style of defense of his predecessor. On the contrary, McDermott was often criticized for his lack of blitzing and creative schemes. Opposing offenses, especially at the end of the season, seemed to flawlessly move down the field. Instead of wearing down the opposition, the defense had to rely heavily on turnovers to stay in the game. Jim Johnson’s bend but don’t break mentality was broken in 2010.

Philadelphia Inquirer’s John Gonzalez had an interesting observation about the McDermott firing in his latest article. This is a must read for all Eagles fans. Not only does it address the McDermott decision, but also shows how fans really can’t take anything that Andy Reid says seriously.

Another great article from the Inquirer shows that McDermott has been on the hot seat since he took over.

According to the latest reports, there are three candidates for the defensive coordinator position: Dick Jauron, Jim Mora, and Bill Davis. In my opinion, former Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons head coach Jim Mora is the likely favorite for the job. This is mainly because Jauron, the current Eagles secondary coach, could find himself in a head coaching job in the next few weeks/months. Mora has both head coaching experience and was the defensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers for five years. He coached alongside Marty Mornhinweg in San Francisco and has close ties to the organization.

For an in depth look at the candidates, click here.


EAGLES: Packers End Eagles Season

Another Eagles season and another heartbreaking finish. This is really starting to get old in Philadelphia.

Back in training camp when the Eagles were preparing for a season of questions behind Kevin Kolb, many fans never thought the ‘Birds would have been in this position. However, just halfway through week one, Michael Vick brought a new sense of hope to the city of Philadelphia. He brought the Eagles from a rebuilding year to a contending year. Fifteen weeks later, the Eagles faced off against the Green Bay Packers at Lincoln Financial Field.

And that’s all she wrote.

For the third straight week, the Eagles were outplayed and outcoached. You could sense it in Lincoln Financial Field, as fans showed a cautious optimism that quickly turned to cautious pessimism due to the blitzing Packers defense and the relentless Green Bay offense.

Offensively, Marty Mornhinweg’s Eagles seemed utterly shocked by the aggressive blitzing scheme of Don Caper’s Packers. They quickly abandoned the run and put all the pressure on Michael Vick to carry the team on his back. Vick, who was often given less than four seconds to get rid of the football, faced many ups and downs offensive but eventually found himself in a position to win the game.

After a 28-yard pass to DeSean Jackson with less than a minute to play, the Eagles quickly rushed to the line of scrimmage. Facing a 1st and 10 with 27 seconds remaining, many thought Vick would spike the ball and set up a play to the end zone. However, head coach Andy Reid advised No. 7 to go for the end zone and elected for a 4-go route, sending all receivers to the end zone. The play call is going to be debated until training camp next year, considering it cost the Eagles season and a potential come from behind win that echoed the Miracle in the Meadowlands a month before. Vick, who “went out swinging”, went for the end zone to Riley Cooper in single coverage. We all know where it went from there, as Tramon Williams used his positioning to intercept the pass and end the Eagles highly touted playoff run.

While it was the play that ended the season, it was not the sole reason for the Eagles loss. The Packers came to play at the Linc for the second time this season, and the Eagles came out flat for the second meeting. Between missed field goals, third down conversions, and a creative offensive scheme, the Eagles were fortunate enough to even be in a position to win the game.

For the second straight year, the Eagles failed to show up in the NFC Wildcard game. They have lost their last three playoff games, and sorry Eagles fans, there is no more Donovan McNabb to blame. Michael Vick, the replacement Eagles fans were looking for, also failed to do it. Now what changes do the Eagles need to make? I have a long list to come, but for now let’s look at the final report card of the season.

Quarterback: B –

Michael Vick dished out his second consecutive sub-80 passer rating and completed just 20-36 passes. For the seventh straight game, Vick tossed a an interception, and this one to Tramon Williams topped them all. He was criticized during the Vikings game for his lack of preparation and being unable to properly read defensive schemes. Vick was given an extra week off to prepare for the Packers, but still didn’t look 100 percent out there. He clearly seemed bothered by his leg contusion and failed to create any offensive consistency.

Fun fact: for the second time this season, the Eagles offense lost the football game despite winning the turnover battle. The only other loss occurred in the opening week against none other than the Green Bay Packers.

Why Shady did not touch the ball more is beyond me

Running backs: C+

One of the biggest problems I had with the game was that LeSean McCoy was not properly involved in the offense. Coming into the game, the Eagles offense averaged over 140 yards per game on the ground, but were held to just 84 against the Packers. McCoy has proven as much as anyone that he deserves to see more looks. He only had 12 carries on the night and most of them came early in the game. Granted he didn’t have the most productive yards per carry average (3.8), but everyone knows that Shady is always poised to break a big run. The Packers run stopping was the weakest part of their offense, yet Mornhinweg refused to make any changes and spice up the play call.

Wide Receivers: C

It certainly didn’t help that DeSean Jackson spent most of the game on the sidelines. He finished the contest with just two catches and the other Eagles receivers didn’t pull their weight to make up for the missing Pro-Bowler. Even though Jason Avant scored a touchdown, he also dropped a crucial pass on third down late in the game. Is it me or is it that Avant, the guy who was supposed to have some of the best hands in the league, seems to drop passes at the worst times?

Offensive Line: D –

The most crucial part of the Eagles success failed to show up on Sunday. The offensive line has been the Eagles biggest question mark all season and needed to hold their own against the highly aggressive Packers defense. However, they looked terrified on the line. Winston Justice tallied four penalties and miraculously managed to get two penalties on one play. Clay Matthews and B.J. Raji made Michael Vick’s day that much harder and it was quickly apparent on the opening play when Matthews sacked Vick for a loss.

If the Eagles want to have any success on offense next year (pending Michael Vick’s status), they are going to need to invest in some offensive linemen. Winston Justice, King Dunlap, and Nick Cole all showed that they can’t contain opposing defenses.

Defensive Line/Linebackers: F

I expected the front seven to have some trouble covering receivers over the middle, but never did I think the Packers would dominate the inside game. Rookie James Starks looked like Barry Sanders against the ‘Birds. He rushed for 123 yards, which was 22 yards more than he had all season for the Green and Gold. It was quite obvious that the Eagles overlooked the running game and focused solely on stopping the Packers passing game that ranked top-5 in the NFL.

Even worse than the run-stopping was the Eagles failure to stop Green Bay on third down. Led by Aaron Rodgers, the Packers were 7-9 on third down conversions in the first half. One their three scoring drives, Green Bay was 7-7 on third downs. This simply cannot happen defensively, especially when most of those conversions came on plays of more than five yards.

Donald Driver killed the Eagles on third down

Finally, the front seven did a terrible job getting to the quarterback. The Eagles only hit Rodgers twice, both resulting in sacks. When you give Aaron Rodgers all day to throw the ball, he is going to make you pay. The Eagles experienced that firsthand on Sunday night. Philadelphia’s “enforcer”, Ernie Sims, ran around the field aimlessly. He only had two tackles on the night, which is quite pathetic considering how many plays went over the middle.

Secondary: C

The Eagles secondary did a great job preventing the long ball, but still struggled when it mattered on big plays. Aaron Rodgers was 5-5 with three touchdown passes in the red zone, which is something the secondary has failed to improve on all season. On third downs, Rodgers completed 6-8 passes, all of which went for first downs.

Special Teams: F

David Akers, the longest tenured Eagle and one of the hardest workers, could not have picked a worse time to collapse. Granted there are reports that there have been some family issues, but that is no excuse when you are a professional football player, especially a kicker. Akers was having a career year, missing just two field goals heading into the game. However, No. 2 missed two gimmes that proved to be the difference maker. Is he the sole reason for the Eagles loss? No. But it certainly would have been nice to have those six points.

Gerard Lawson was absolutely terrible. Not only did he fail as the Eagles kick returner (averaged just 18 yards per return) but he also was called for a holding penalty on DeSean Jackson’s punt return at the end of the game. I have a feeling we won’t be seeing much more from Mr. Lawson.

As difficult as it is to not have a team to truly cheer for in the next month, the Eagles had one heck of an impressive season. Taking into account all of the drama that came with the quarterbacks and the injuries to the defense, it was quite impressive that the Eagles showed such signs of dominance in 2010. Even though most of us aren’t numb to this pain of losing and coming up short in big games, we still have a lot to be thankful for. There’s no need to call for the end of Andy Reid or Michael Vick because if I was a betting man, I would say there’s a bright future for both of them coming soon.


EAGLES: Many Questions Still Not Answered

Sitting players in a meaningless game makes sense for the Eagles. Realistically, why is it worth risking injury in a game that will not change the playoff scenarios? Michael Vick is banged up, LeSean McCoy has carried the load all season, and many other Eagles have been injury prone all season. So it seems like the right decision to give the players more than a week off heading into wildcard weekend, right?


Not in the Eagles case.


Which Michael Vick will we see against the Packers?

If you watched the same Eagles and Vikings game from week 16, you would know that the Eagles are far from ready to contend in the playoffs. All of their weaknesses were exposed on the chilly Tuesday night at Lincoln Financial Field. They were outplayed by a rookie quarterback and outcoached by an interim head coach. Michael Vick was horrible, strongly resembling the unprepared Vick of old that relied on his talents more than his preparation. The defense was steamrolled by Adrian Peterson and Joe Webb looked like a veteran at many times.


However, Andy Reid believes the Eagles are just fine heading into playoffs. Unlike Bill Belichick and Lovie Smith, who despite clinching playoff spots played their starters, Reid is comfortable with where the Eagles are at.


As Reid told the media, “It think it’s the right thing to do for us. Other people do it other ways, but this is what I believe in. It gives everybody an opportunity to rest up, in particular in the short amount of time we have here.” Sounds respectable, right?


He also justified his decision to bench all of his primetime starters by keying in on quarterback Michael Vick. Reid noted that Vick has been working with Marty Mornhinweg since before the Dallas game, studying the 3-4 defensive scheme by the Green Bay Packers. That’s all well and good, but wouldn’t it also be important for Vick to get more positive snaps and lead the offense like he has most of the season? If anything, Eagles fans saw just how bad it could be if Vick gets hurt after that performance by Kevin Kolb.


Philadelphia Inquirer’s Bob Ford makes a great point when he writes, “Beyond that, the message isn’t a good one. The message is that everything is just fine. We’ll get back to practice this week and suddenly a porous defense will get it together against an offense ranked among the top 10 in the league overall, and higher than that in the second half of the season.”


The Green Bay Packers are on a mission. They are coming off of back to back playoff-caliber wins over the New York Giants and Chicago Bears. In those two games they outscored their opponents 55-20, with quarterback Aaron Rodgers throwing five touchdowns and averaging over 300 yards per game.


But don’t worry because the Eagles defense, which has been oh-so reliable all season, will be well rested and ready for the test. By taking a break, they will figure out how to stop one of the most high-powered offenses in the league. And the Eagles offense, which was held to just 14 points (with Michael Vick recording a 74 passer rating, LeSean McCoy averaging 3.4 yards per carry, and DeSean Jackson being held to two catches) is ready to go in full force. They will be able to handle one of the most dynamic defenses in the league, led by a top-notch pass-rush, simply by being well rested. This is a big concern.


The combination of the question-marks surrounding the Eagles after the Vikings game and the Packers being red-hot could be detrimental come Sunday night. Let’s hope they are practicing hard.


EAGLES: The Game That Means Absolutely Nothing

The Eagles enter Sunday’s game with nothing to play for but pride. They are a lock in the third seed for the NFC and have no reason to play their starters. Granted they are coming off the sloppiest game of the season and have a lot to work on, but the risk is not worth the reward.

How will Andy Reid prepare for this years finale?

As expected, Michael Vick is going to sit against the Cowboy’s. Kevin Kolb, the once starter and “future” of the organization, will find himself running out of the tunnel at Lincoln Financial Field. He hasn’t seen the field since he threw one pass against the Redskins in week 10 and hasn’t started a football game since week 7 against Tennessee. With how big Philadelphia is on Michael Vick right now, there’s a lot of pressure on Kolb to succeed. Even though the game means nothing, it’s important for him to prove that he can mentally handle what he’s been through this season and be a viable backup to Vick.

For the third consecutive year, the Eagles will finish the season against divisional foe Dallas. In 2008, Philadelphia dismantled the Cowboys and snuck in to the NFC Wildcard. Led by Donovan McNabb’s three touchdowns and two defensive touchdowns in the second half, the Eagles won 44-6. After the emotional turnaround, quarterback Tony Romo allegedly collapsed in the locker room. With the loss, the Cowboys missed the playoffs. The Eagles went on to beat the Minnesota Vikings and the New York Giants before falling to the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship game.

Last season was a bit of a different story when these two teams. Philadelphia and Dallas were battling for the NFC East title, but little did they know they would meet again a week later in the wildcard round. The Eagles were completely embarrassed at Cowboys stadium and were shutout, 24-0. The Cowboys controlled the ball for over 40 minutes due to Felix Jones and Marion Barber combining for 181 yards on the ground. Donovan McNabb had a passer rating of 74.2 and the Eagles rushed for a mere 37 yards. It was one of the most disappointing games of the season, but it would only get worse the following week when the Eagles flopped again. They lost 34-14 and many Eagles fans were left speechless by the lack of preparation and how badly Andy Reid was outcoached.

Back to back seasons, the Eagles and Cowboys were responsible for each other’s playoff fate. This year, the game has no meaning. Dallas is 5-10 and is playing for nothing more than revenge from their 30-27 loss in week 14. Here are some previews from ESPN and We will see you in the playoffs.



Happy Holiday’s Philadelphia Sports Fans

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza, we all should be thankful this holiday season. Many of you got the latest technology, vacations and even an ugly sweater or two, but the City of Philadelphia received a number of wonder gifts this season.

The Philadelphia sports complex is seeing a lot of exciting action

Philadelphia Eagles:

I think you know how this story goes by now. The New York Giants placed a beautifully wrapped present under this year’s tree. It came in the form of a 28 point comeback and the first punt return ever to end an NFL game. DeSean Jackson danced his way along the goal line, celebrating the holiday season and another bid to the postseason.

Quarterback Michael Vick raised his arm high into the sky, thankful for another chance that he has proven to be well deserved. He was the catalyst in the holiday gift for Eagles fans, as his performance in the fourth quarter was one of the most dominant in the history of the league. Best of all, head coach Andy Reid can celebrate his holiday knowing that his Eagles are the hottest and most feared team in football. They define the term relentless and proved that they can get out of any hole possible. I’m sure he is celebrating with a nice Christmas ham today.

Philadelphia Phillies:

The 32-year-old, 6-foot-3 lefty from Arkansas made his second appearance under the Christmas tree in Philadelphia. Cliff Lee stunned baseball two seasons ago after his dominance with the Phillies and is back for more in 2011. He delivered what may have been the best gift of the season for Philadelphians, solving any starting pitching questions heading into next year.

Something about this city brought him back. He was slapped in the face by the organization and shipped away after being one of the main reasons the Phillies made it to the World Series. However, a part of him never left and now he is back to prove why he denied the Yankees and Rangers. He wanted to be part of something great; something that he even coined the most dominant and most feared foursome in the history of baseball.

And the best part, he even allowed his city to save a few bucks for next season.

Philadelphia Flyers:

What a wonderful gift

The 2009-2010 Philadelphia Flyers brought hockey back on par with football and baseball in the City of Brotherly Love. Even though they fell to the Blackhawks, they put together one of the most exciting post seasons in the history of the NHL. Now in 2010 and 2011, they are on a mission. They’ve battled injuries and a very tough division, but still have found a way to remain atop the NHL heading into the holiday season.

The orange and black have won seven out of the last nine games, including wins over the Penguins, Rangers, Bruins and Devils. Even though they will be without Pronger for the next month and a half, they are still one of the most feared teams in the league and one that is expected to make another run at Lord Stanley’s Cup next spring.

Philadelphia 76ers:

Certainly not the most exciting team in Philadelphia, but their young core might just make a push at the playoffs this season. As we have seen in the last decade, sub-500 teams tend to sneak in to the playoffs and the Sixers are no exception this season.

They are 6-5 in the month of December with all five losses coming against playoff teams. Despite their 11-18 record, they sit at ninth in the Eastern Conference, which is one spot out of the playoffs. Led by head coach Doug Collins, their young and aggressive style could enable them to make a run at the postseason.

Philadelphia has four teams that are all playoff contenders in their respective sports. There’s not much more you could ask for this holiday season (except maybe a championship). The Eagles are the hottest team in the NFC, the Phillies are only expected to maybe lose every fifth game this season, the Flyers smell another chance at the cup, and the Sixers are well on their way towards rebranding their old-school logo. It sure is nice to be a Philadelphia sports fan. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday’s Philadelphia, we are well on our way to some more trophies in the near future.

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