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EAGLES: Breaking Down The Latest Lockout News

Check out Jon Tamari from the Inquirer’s simple breakdown of the NFL lockout ruling that happened today. Judge Susan Richard Nelson decided to end the lockout and side with the players, but the owners aren’t giving up very easy. There is still a lot that has to be settled before football is played. At least it’s a step in the right direction.

NFL Labor Ruling: What It Means


EAGLES: Oh Michael, What Were You Thinking?

Let’s be honest, Michael Vick has not made the best decisions in life.

He paid his price for the dog fighting escapade by serving 18 months in jail. Since then, No. 7 has improved his public image during his rehabilitation process by giving back to the community and becoming an animal rights activist.

I don’t know how I haven’t seen this video until now, but it’s going to make you wonder what Vick (and his public relations rep) were thinking after answering this question: is there anything you would change about your life?

The answer will baffle your mind.


EAGLES: Chad Hall Making Ends Meet During Lockout

While the lockout continues to transpire, many NFL athletes that aren’t named Michael Vick or DeSean Jackson are struggling to make ends meet financially. ESPN’s Rick Reilly gave a unique look into the majority of players that aren’t financially set through massive contracts.

Relating specifically to the Philadelphia Eagles, Reilly highlights wide receiver/specialist Chad Hall. The 24-year-old received minimum salary last season after playing in 11 games. If there is no NFL season in 2011, he plans to open a wings restaurant in Atlanta with his sister’s boyfriend, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

To read the complete article, click:


EAGLES: List of Draft Visits and Workouts

Check out Sheil Kapadia of’s organized list of every player that visited and worked out with the Eagles this offseason:

List of reported Eagles draft visits, workouts


EAGLES: 2 More Draft Picks for the ‘Birds


“The Eagles received two seventh-round compensatory picks Friday, giving them 10 selections in next month’s NFL draft.

The Eagles’ 10 picks are: first round (No. 23 overall), second (54), third (85), fourth (104), fourth (120), fifth (149), fifth (153), seventh (228), seventh (236), and seventh (239).”

For the complete article, click here.


EAGLES: ESPN Analyzes Eagles Draft Options


EAGLES: Cardinals Reportedly Interested in Kolb

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb has been a hot commodity around the NFL trade rumors as of recent. The Eagles backup, who head coach Andy Reid is listening to offers for, could be out of Philadelphia if the ‘Birds can get a first round draft pick.

According to reports from Comcast Sportsnet, the Arizona Cardinals are leading the charge for No. 4. The Cardinals reportedly contacted Reid and expressed interest in giving up a first round pick for the 27-year-old quarterback.

From CSN: According to Peter King of, one team is willing to offer a first-round pick for Kolb. A league source has told CSN’s Derrick Gunn that a number of teams have made significant offers for Kolb. The source wouldn’t confirm or deny whether a first-round pick was offered.”

Other teams that are in need of a quarterback are: Vikings, Redskins, Panthers, 49ers, Seahawks, Cardinals, Bills, Dolphins, Browns, Bengals, Broncos, Raiders, Jaguars, Titans. The problem? Most of these teams, like the Cardinals, have top ten picks that may be worth more than Kolb.

If the reports are true, this could be a heck of an opportunity for the Eagles. Arizona has the fifth overall pick in the draft. I doubt they’re willing to give a pick that high for Kolb, but one can always dream.


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