SIXERS: Team Needs to Pick Turner

The Sixers are a team with many needs.  I believe we have filled one of the biggest by signing Doug Collins as head coach.  Collins should bring some stability to a team that has none at all.  At the very least he’ll get this team to play some defense, which was the biggest reason for the Sixers inability to win games last season. 

Just when it seemed no luck would ever come our way, the Sixers got lucky twice in a week.  They somehow conviced Collins that this is a good team to come and coach, and even luckier, our ball came out for the #2 spot in the NBA draft that takes place in 2 weeks.  This means that either John Wall or Evan Turner, whichever one is left standing out after Washington makes its top selection, will be available for the Sixers to steal.  Assuming the Wizards draft Wall,( and they’d be fools not to) the Sixers should pick Turner, a player I believe can get this team moving in the right direction.  Picking Turner would allow Iguodala to move back to the small forward position, where he plays best.  Iguodala has not been the same player since becoming the shooting guard.  Turner brings offense like no other player in the draft, and for a team that had trouble finding scoring from the perimeter all year long, this is a pick that has to be made.

Now some will say the Sixers should take one of the two top big men in the draft in Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins to replace Sammy Dalembert.  While I agree that Dalembert needs to go, neither Favors or Cousins is a sure thing to succeed.  Favors, despite possibly having the most potential of any player in the draft, is still very raw and might not fully develop into a dominant NBA power forward.  Cousins has all the talent in the world, but has the maturity of a ten year old girl.  Someone like that is too risky to take with the #2 pick in the draft,

So with all that said, Turner should be the newest Sixer when they make their selection in two weeks.  However, it wouldn’t surprise me if the team that has made dumb picks in the past, makes another stupid one this year.


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