The Wait Is Over For Shawn Andrews

It’s about time.

What does the future hold for Shawn Andrews?

After a two year hiatus the Philadelphia Eagles have finally gotten rid of offensive lineman Shawn Andrews. He has been a cancer for the Eagles, most noticeable this past year when he battled back and psychological issues prior to the start of the season. He took the year off to rehabilitate his back, however the drama never stopped. Between his tweeting and Youtube videos, Andrews was a more prominent star off the field than on the field for the ‘Birds.

Despite reaching two Pro-bowls in 2006 and 2007, it’s tough to deny how much of a bust Andrews was. Coming out of college, he was hyped to be the future of the Eagles offensive line. He broke his leg in his rookie season and missed the entire year, but his career looked promising after he rebounded and lost weight. Late in his career, however, his talent was overshadowed by his battles with depression and back problems.

It was definitely the right move by the Eagles to get rid of him now rather than later. I think the entire league knows that Philadelphia is in desperate need of a Pro-bowl caliber offensive lineman (just look at the last two games against the Cowboys for proof) and Andrews was not going to give that to them. The interesting aspect of the Eagles releasing Andrews is what they are going to do with his brother Stacy, who also sat out most of last season with injury problems. Shawn was one of the main reasons that Stacy signed with the Eagles and his departure could be detrimental to his brother’s success.

There’s really only one way to end this article and it involves how Andrews has been remembered in the last two seasons–with his quarky personality on the internet. Philly.com just posted Andrews’ latest tweet posts about being released and this speaks to Andrews perfectly:

“So far, Shawn Andrews’ only known reaction is a series of tweets (what a world …)

“bye bye, birds.”

“ANDY REID!!! Respekt!!!!!!

“Todays theme song: “Take These Broken Wings” Learn to Fly again learn to just soar free……. #ImGood”

and: “It doesn’t hurt as bad when u expekt the un expekted! GOD knows what he’s doing… Chuuuuch.”

Thanks for for two promising seasons. Hopefully the next offensive lineman we draft won’t be such a bust.


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