PHILLIES: Adios Amigos

To start this post, for those who cannot translate simple spanish dialect, the topic of my post means “goodbye friends”.

At this point, the translation could mean a number of things.

For instance, I could be referring to the utterly depressing end to the Philadelphia Eagles season.

But, I’m not.

Maybe I could be talking about how your favorite Philly Phour writer is leaving for three months on a study abroad program to Spain tomorrow.

Again, I’m not.

Now, could I be talking about how three more members of the 2009 Philadelphia Phillies pitching staff have left the City of Brotherly Love to either sign contracts to play for other teams or hang up the cleats and part ways with the game of baseball.

You know me too well..

In any events, throughout the last week, Brett Myers, Scott Eyre, and Clay Condrey have determined that their future will follow a path that will not include being in a Phillies uniform.

I will start with Myers. As a former top prospect and opening day starter, the decision to let Myers go at the end of the season was a bit odd to me. Now, I know he may have not been the most level-headed competitor you have ever seen, but hey, at least we can acknowledge that he competed.

In 2010, Myers will be in a Houston Astros uniform

While Myers’s career produced mixed results, he undoubtably showed a certain amount of versatility, and he had a certain amount of success in four different roles (starter, long reliever, set-up man, closer) while pitching for the Phillies. Not many players in the Phillies organization, or all of baseball for that matter, have had experience and success like that, which is one reason why I thought Ruben Amaro Jr. would change his mind and offer Myers a contract at some point in the offseason.

Now, Amaro can just forget about that option.  In their first big addition of the new year, the Houston Astros signed Myers to a 1 year-5 million dollar deal that will allow him to compete for a job as middle of the rotation starter behind Roy Oswalt and Wandy Rodriguez. If Myers does not make the starting rotation, he will most likely have an opportunity to fulfill the Astros set-up man vacancy or even close if  free-agent incumbent closer Jose Valverde decides to go elsewhere.

While I do believe the loss of Brett Myers will hurt the Phillies, I do not feel the same way about Clay Condrey. I don’t think the Phillies felt that way either, as it appeared that he did not figure into their future plans when they did not tender his contract in December. While off-season surgeries to J.C Romero and Brad Lidge may have given the Phillies a reason to bring back Condrey, that just wasn’t meant to be, as he signed a one-year deal with the Minnesota Twins after a month of being considered a free agent.

Lastly, you can say the ultimate “adios” to Scott Eyre, as the 37-year old reliever announced his retirement after 13 MLB seasons. This was expected, especially after the Phillies only offered Eyre a minor-league deal in the off-season. That’s seemed to be a little bit of a low-ball offer, considering Eyre had a career ERA around 2.00 in 42 games with the Phillies as their most effective reliever in that 1 1/2 season time span. However, I think that offer was a test. Eyre has been recovering from off-season elbow surgery, and has been hinting at retirement for the last two off-seasons. Obviously, Eyre was not comfortable with entering spring training without a guaranteed contract, which after 600+ MLB appearances of wear-and-tear on the arm, I don’t blame him.

So, with that, I say ADIOS to all of you readers.

I will be posting while I am in Spain, in which the frequency of those post are TBD.

On a final note, just over a month until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training.


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