The Philly Phour is NOT the Philly Four

Dear Readers,

It has come to our attention that another blog with the same name, but different spelling (The Philly Four), has reported a fabricated lie about the ongoings within the Philadelphia Flyers locker room.  We would just like to take this time to state that in NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM ARE WE IN ANY WAY RELATED TO THE BLOG, THE PHILLY FOUR.  As the Flyers writer on this blog, I’ve received countless text messages today telling me that “I shouldn’t have started a rumor.”  This infuriates me because this is clearly not true.  I am as passionate a Flyers fan as anybody, but as far as the team struggles and what not, what goes on behind closed doors is none of my, your, or anyone not directly affiliated with the Flyers’ business.  I hope that this clears up any confusion that the past week or so has caused.   As it says in the “About the Philly Phour” section of this blog:

“These men have grown up loving the Phillies, Sixers, Eagles, and Flyers, and will stop it nothing to cheer for and defend their teams each and every season.”

Let that go to show you that in no way would we make up any lies about these teams.  Anything and everything published on this blog is either our opinion, or stated fact.  There is NO in between.

I’m sorry that we had to put this up today, but we just wanted to clear everything concerning our name and this story.  If you have a problem or question regarding this matter, take it up with The Philly Four ,  not us.

Otherwise, stay right here for all your news and opinion on the Flyers, Eagles, Sixers, and Phils!

Thank you for reading,

Josh, Alex, Stephen, and Zach


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