SIXERS: Two Straight Heartbreakers Puts Team at 5-10

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! Hope everyone gets to eat plenty of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and pie tonight. 

The Philadelphia 76ers are in a state of turmoil.  For those of you who do not know, the team is currently 5-10 and is struggling to compete with the teams regarded to be the worst among the league.  Case in point, the recent losses to the Memphis Grizzlies and Washington Wizards.  The Wizards game was a heartbreaking 108-107 loss that the Sixers had a chance to win at the last second but fell when Lou Williams’ shot came up short.  Last night was even more disappointing.  The Sixers played what might have been their most impressive game of the year against the Boston Celtics without Williams, who was sidelined with a broken jaw.  Elton Brand also was out with a hamstring injury, which in all honesty was probably a big reason they played great.  The Sixers led for much of the game, taking a six point lead into the fourth quarter at the Garden, only to squander it late in the game thanks to a late Celtic rally led by Paul Pierce, who scored 27 points and drew a key charge down the stretch, and Rajon Rondo, who led the comeback in the final minutes with six points, including a key jumper from the baseline to seal the game.  The Sixers lost to Boston on the road 113-110.  They played their hearts out last night but it wasn’t enough.  Despite the close score it’s still a loss, something the Sixers have been doing a lot of these days.  They have now lost four in a row by a total of 15 points.  They have been in every game but cannot close them out.  Two of the losses are considered “good” losses, as there is no shame in falling to both Cleveland and Boston on the road by a total of 9 points combined.  However, you cannot lose to teams like Memphis and Washington.  There is no excuse for it. 

So while the team has shown some life in the past few days, they have nothing to show for it.  You can play well against Cleveland and Boston but all that really matters is at the end of the game do you have more points than your opponent.  And for the past four games, the Sixers have come up on the short end.  The team stands at 5-10, 3rd place in the division only because the New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets are two of the biggest joke teams the NBA has ever seen.  Coach Jordan is on the hot seat.  He came in and said this team will be better than last year under Tony DiLeo.  As much as I hate to say it, this team was better under DiLeo than it is under Jordan.  He needs to get this team back on track soon.  The good news is that it is still very early in the season.  We’ve played only 15 games out of an 82 game schedule.  The bad news is that the road is only going to get tougher when we start facing the Western Conference teams soon, and with injuries starting to pile on (Marresse Speights, out 6-8 weeks with a torn ligament; Lou Williams, broken jaw), it’s only going to get tougher, and if a turnaround doesn’t happen soon, the Sixers may be in a hole too deep for them to climb out of.



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