EAGLES: Vick and Goodell meet

As of right now, there is no decision about Michael Vick’s suspension. Vick and Goodell met this morning to discuss his suspension and the commissioner is expected to make a decision by Saturday. The only problem about this decision by Goodell is that head coach Andy Reid needs to finalize his roster by 6 p.m. on Saturday. Here are the most likely scenarios for Vick’s suspension:

3-week suspension

Expect to see Vick on the field a lot tonight against the Jets

Expect to see Vick on the field a lot tonight against the Jets

Obviously, this is the most ideal situation for the Eagles. If Vick is only suspended for the first three weeks, then he can continue to practice with the team and be active for the first game back from the team bye. This will make a decision for head coach Andy Reid very easy because he would most likely keep Vick as the No. 3 quarterback on the depth chart. Knowing that Reid will keep three quarterbacks, this also means that A.J. Feeley will be cut. Feeley’s last chance to play for the Eagles this season could come tonight against the Jet’s. Since McNabb is not playing at all during the game, Kolb, Vick and Feeley all will get looks behind center.

Personally, I believe that Vick will only be suspended for the first three weeks. Aside from that alcohol slip-up (which was never proven), Vick has done a good job keeping up his act on the Eagles. He continues to comply with the needs of the dog fighting organizations and the NAACP and I see him playing for the Eagles in week four.

6-week suspension

Even though it is less likely that his original six-week suspension will stick, don’t count out Goodell. He could make an example out of Vick, just like he did Donte Stallworth and Plaxico Burress. If the suspension does stay at six weeks, then Andy Reid will have a very hard decision on his hands. He could either keep Vick on the roster and just have him practice with the team for the first six weeks, or he could put Vick on what’s called the “exempt list.” This means that he would not count towards the 53-man roster and can not practice with the team, however he is still considered to be on the team for games. Since he has not had much of an opportunity to practice with the team to start, this will be a very big blow to Vick because he will have to watch everything from the sidelines.

If the suspension is longer than three weeks, then expect to see Feeley in an Eagles uniform for the first few weeks. Depending on how the other quarterbacks perform in the NFL, then Feeley could be used as trade bait for the Eagles. All three quarterbacks have something to prove tonight against the Jets.

Now we wait for Goodell’s decision.


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