As we patiently wait for the 2009-10 NBA season to begin in late October, I thought I would examine a usually seldom discussed topic among sports writers, but one that I’m sure everyone has thought about: who are the ugliest players in the NBA, past and present?. Well I’m sure everyone has their own opinion on which players they find to be the most difficult to look at, but I think I have found a very solid starting lineup of players who were blessed with plenty of talent but not the good lucks.


Sam Cassell has had a great career in the NBA, most notably for the Nets, Bucks, Timberwolves and most recently the Celtics. However, he is without a doubt one of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen. He’s been compared to the fictional character E.T. I don’t know about you, but I think E.T. looks better than Sam Cassell. Every time I see that guy on TV I want to change the channel. It’s just that painful to look at this guy. It was a good thing he was blessed with great talent cause he sure would never be allowed on TV if he wasn’t on the court.

Sam Cassell makes E.T. look pretty good

Sam Cassell makes E.T. look pretty good


One of the greatest 3 point shooters and big time players to ever play, former Indiana Pacers’ star Reggie Miller is yet another great NBA players whose looks were subpar compared to his game. Reggie was one of the most clutch playoff performers of all time, especially when playing the Knicks during the playoffs at Madison Square Garden. However Miller is a very ugly man, with those creepy looking eyes and alien shaped head.

Reggie Miller rarely choked with the game on the line

Reggie Miller rarely choked with the game on the line

Small Forward: Andrei Kirilenko

The Utah Jazz forward has had a solid NBA career thus far, providing good defense and occasional scoring. Kirilenko, who hails from Russia, is another ugly NBA player who we get to watch often since Utah is always playing in the national spotlight. When I look at Andrei Kirilenko I think of one other person: Ivan Drago. Kirilenko resembles Drago’s appearance enormously, with the slicked back blond hair and an over protruding chin. Not to mention both men hail from Russia and are very tall. Thankfully we no longer have to look at Drago unless we want to watch Rocky kick his ass again. Unfortunately, we still have to watch Andrei Kirilenko.

Kirilenko is one ugly man

Kirilenko is one ugly man

Power Forward: Tyrone Hill

This former 76ers reserve may be the ugliest man to suit up in the NBA. Hill was an average NBA player, someone you could have come off the bench to grab some rebounds and put up a few points. Hill’s play was largely overshadowed by one of the ugliest faces you’ve ever seen. He probably never needed to find a Halloween costume thanks to that face.

Hill may be the NBA's all time ugliest player

Hill may be the NBA's all time ugliest player

Center: Chris Kaman

If there was one thing that developed worse for Kaman than his NBA career, it was his appearance.  This man defines ugly in so many ways.  Long hair with an ugly face on a 7 foot frame isn’t going to get him far with good looks.  Kaman has had a very disappointing career thus far, never panning out to be one of the NBA’s top centers that many scouts predicted him to be.  But compared to his looks, his NBA talent is on the same level as Tim Duncan’s.

Just flat out ugly, there's no other way to put it

Just flat out ugly, there's no other way to put it

So there you have it, my starting lineup for the NBA All Ugly Team.  Some of you may disagree with some of my selections, but I think I did a pretty good job with this group.  Everyone enjoy this post, as my next one will be about the Sixers beginning training camp shortly followed by my previews of the Sixers season, along with an overall preview of the NBA for this upcoming season.  October 28 is getting closer every day.


1 Response to “NBA ALL UGLY TEAM”

  1. 1 bl
    January 3, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    lmfao this is hilarious… i cracked up

    marbury is kinda ugly too lol

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