PHILLIES: Brett Myers’s “Injury” Story

To start, this is one of the more comical things that I’ve had to write about since the beginning days of this blog.

Brett Myers, just hours before his first rehabilitation start with the Single-A Clearwater Threshers, put in a call to top members of the Phillies organization, including minor league trainer Brian Cammarota. In the phone call, Myers informed them that he has received a swollen eye due to a baseball catch gone bad with his four year-old son and that he would be unable to pitch.

The conversation ended, and that was that.

Or so the Phillies branch thought.

Five minutes later, Myers apparently called back and retracted his statement, saying that he “misinformed” them about the events that transpired.

First of all, the fact that he used the word “misinformed” should be a red flag right there. The last time I heard that word, it was at a press conference coming out of Roger Clemens’s mouth, blaming former teammate and friend Andy Pettitte for falsely claiming that Clemens told him that he took steroids.

Anyway, Myers stated that the story about the baseball catch was false, and the true story was too “embarrassing” to say the first time, which is really saying a lot considering Myers was arrested in downtown Boston in June 2006 for getting in a fist fight with his wife in public.

The real story, which also seems to have some flaws in it, truly explains indirectly why the Phillies have had concerns about Myers’s mental state throughout his contentious career in Philadelphia. 

Myers stated that after returning from dinner with his wife and friends in Clearwater, he injured himself while exiting the back seat of his Escalade after tripping over his kids toys that were lying on the floor in the back of the car.

An important sub-plot to mention, Brett also made it clear to say that he only consumed two beers at dinner, in which he mostly likely said to disprove the notion that he was piss drunk, fell on his face, and busted his eye (which sadly is the Brett Myers we have come to know and love).


Brett's injury "mixup" is making national headlines

Brett's injury "mixup" is making national headlines

First of all, both stories are absolutely ridiculous. It’s quite possible that none of those stories are true. However, I would have to go with the second story as the only one that could slightly resemble the truth.

The first story is too unrealistic. Seriously, a swollen eye due to a catch with your four-year old? The only way that could happen is if Myers was so drunk he was seeing double, or his son was throwing so hard that he second coming of Danny Almonte (the man-child who used a fake birth certificate to play in the Little League World Series when he was two years older than the competition). Either way, I am going to go with a resounding NO on both accounts.

The second story though has some potential. Here is the only way I can piece the story together.

What Myers Said: To sum it up, basically Myers, two beers deep, tripped on his kids toys, forcing a spill out of the back seat of his car.

What Really Happened: Myers, remembering nothing after his second beer, gets into the back of his car because he is too drunk to drive, and after an embarrassing sequence of events he gets some much-needed payback as his wife unleashes a Mike Tyson right-hook into his eye.

Of course that was all meant to be a joke, but the moral of my far-fetched account of the story is that with Myers, really anything could have happened. 

On a more serious note, for someone who is trying to recover from a potential season-ending injury to get back in time for the playoffs, falling out of a car couldn’t have helped that intended goal. For Myers, who was slated to contribute to the bullpen if he were to come back for the Phillies stretch run, he now has a bad eye (and a bruised ego) to worry about along with rehabbing from hip surgery.

For somebody that is a head-case to begin with, that can’t be a good sign.


1 Response to “PHILLIES: Brett Myers’s “Injury” Story”

  1. 1 Jack Gerrish
    August 16, 2009 at 2:42 pm


    Your article about Myers was terrific. I tend to agree with your theory but would add one thing to his credit, at least he had the good sense to let someone else drive. What would have been really embarrassing is he got arrested for DUI and got a bruised eye by falling down during a field sobriety test.

    Best of luck this year at IU and I hope we see you back at Coca Cola Park next year.

    Jack the scoreboard guy

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